NZGamer: Buzz Quiz of the Year 2008 Review

NZGamer writes: "Buzz! may not have conquered the world of casual gaming in the same way as those music based party favourites, but it has found a niche. It had a number of versions on the PS2 and with the likes of Buzz! Quiz TV on the market, and the upcomming Buzz! Brain of New Zealand, the franchise is looking to take advantage of the PlayStation Network to keep its content as fresh and relevant as possible."

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Parapraxis3485d ago

In my opinion the hardest quiz pack by far.
The best ones so far are the National Geographic packs and the Comedy one.

callahan093485d ago

Buzz Quiz TV is an absolutely excellent game. The quiz packs are fine additions to the product. I think the hardest pack is, ironically, the videogame pack. It's mostly based on games that I never played, honestly -- children's games. I bought it expecting it to be easy for me, but it's nothing like the sci-pack or the national graphic pack, say, which are much more general to my knowledge. But I found the videogame pack was all about the specific qualities of games that I deem "beneath me" hahaha.