Ratchet & Clank Live Q&A with Insomniac Games

With all the great Ratchet & Clank news of late - the reveal of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and the ridiculously cool weapons contest - PS Blog figured you'd all have tons of questions in need of answers. So as promised, today at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern, a trio of Insomniacs will be here to field all your inquires in this week's PlayStation.Blog live chat. Attending from Insomniac Games will be Creative Director Brian Allgeier, Project Manager Bryan Bernal, and Community Manager James Stevenson. See you soon!

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remanutd553579d ago

i keep asking about online play but my questions dont go trough

Cajun Chicken3579d ago

Yeah, I'm asking about that and DLC too.

Cajun Chicken3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Yeah, my questions aren't going through, must be region locked.

EDIT: That wasted my time. Not one question went through.

Lucreto3579d ago

There are people think the Lombax in the trailer is Ratchet but others think it is his father. I wanted to get an answer but I can't get through.

goflyakite3579d ago

I reeeeeeealy hope there is some form of online multiplayer.

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T-What3579d ago

I doubt its ratchet why would he turn gray (unless its him in the future, but I doubt that as well) its probably his father or uncle or something.

Lucreto3579d ago

I know people say it has to be Ratchet as he is the last Lombax but if you see the pocket watch you see ratchet and the old Lombax. If its time travel we can assume Ratchet Travelled back in time.

cayal3579d ago

Awesome read.

I wish I could submit my weapon to R&C. Stupid international rules.