Kotaku: BattleForge Review: Collectible Card-Time Strategy

Kotaku writes: "What happens when you mix together real-time strategy gameplay with collectible card game sensibilities? BattleForge happens.

Developed by EA's Phenomic, BattleForge is an intriguing mix of real-time strategy and collectible card game on a massively multiplayer online level. Where a standard real-time strategy game has units with various powers and abilities, BattleForge has a set of 200 cards, from which players can build their own customized army. After selecting a mix of cards from from four elemental spheres - fire, frost, shadow, and nature - players take to the field, completing single player and co-operative missions or simply battling it out between themselves. Need more cards? EA is more than happy to oblige, with booster packs available for purchase via the game's online store using real-world cash."

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