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Games that revolve around being a badass man (or woman) of business are not entirely unknown in the industry. One of the most famous, Monopoly, has been in existence since the Great Depression era, where people realized that bankrupting their friends made for a fine social event indeed. As the medium of gaming evolved from the tabletop to the desktop, the quest for success in the make believe business world came with it. There have been electronic Monopoly games, but also a number of others such as SimTower, SimCity, Railroad Tycoon, and more where the object is to keep yourself and your fictional enterprise out of the red.

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cain1415592d ago

Looks sorta like monopoly...

thegamereviews5592d ago

Yea, well Monopoly is a great game. This game is a totally new mechanic for a board game, and there is a virtual cup that you can roll the die in and then dump it onto the board. Neat physics.

SirLarr5592d ago

Monopoly owns, monopoly on the go is even better

Viewtiful5592d ago

There needs to be more board games on the iphone. Stuff like this reminds me how fun those games are.

thegamereviews5592d ago

Fun game and I think it is on sale at the moment

NeverforgetNES5592d ago

This makes me want an iPhone...

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