7 Worst PR Disasters of All Time: Guess What Made Number 1

Gamesradar strikes again. This time compiling a list of the Top 7 worst marketing Disasters of all time. The first few are kind of boring but Number 1 is probably whats going through everyones mind as they read this. Hit the jump to get the full scoop.

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specialguest4770d ago

aarghh! that PSP video is a pain to watch. Do PR people actually think that that's what the youth of today finds cool? It's so pretentious, no wonder someone probed into the website and discovered the truth.

Bad_Karma4770d ago

would i have thought PS3 would have been number 1 and especially after ALL the good press its had .

Note to self .. must find better way to hide sarcasm .

HandShandy4770d ago

That article made me laugh so much to be honest. That Kutaragi (or however you spell it) is a crazy character if there ever was one.

It's at times, these marketing and PR blunders that keep me faithful to the Sony corporation. The company as a whole, is often a spooky reflection to how I deal with things and often how people perceive my views.

The Rule of Kutaragi:

He means well, he's full of confidence - not arrogance but generally that man is like a misunderstood genius. A man of Japanise culture would obviously and easily be mis-interpreted by the average trigger happy american teenager, and the bad press surrounding his name and announcements are a direct result of this misunderstanding. Of course Peter Moore would make a much more intresting speech, if he wasn't such a cheesy fool himself....

The Rule of Harrison:

Take everything this man says with a pinch of salt.

calderra4770d ago

Ken Kutaragi: "People will work harder to pay for PS3... PS3 will bring discipline to this nation."

^^^Not arrogance, huh?

Bathyj4770d ago

Pathetic. To be called the worst PR disarter of all time when the hand hasn't even played out yet. Ps3 still has the potential to be anything from moderately sucessful, anywhere up to the most popular product of all time. No one knows yet you douche. Jeeze. The only people I ever hear complaining about PS3 are people who dont have one.

THAMMER14770d ago (Edited 4770d ago )

All of the bad PR from 2005 - 2007. You have to remember. Sony just started to get every thing together this month.

Just like gold fish 1 min. and poof nothing in the nogin.

World wide 3,2006 launch, no rumble because you do not want it, People will buy the console with no games, the PS3 should cost alot more, ou need to work over time for PS3, 4D games, do I need to keep going? Yep did not thinks so.

Bathyj4770d ago

I'm sorry but I dont put that much stock in their opinion. I'm not saying PS3 is brilliant because its recently started to improve its outlook. Its always looked good to me. It may be not everything it was said it would be, but I dont believe every bit of advertising and hype I hear so I'm not disappointed. Xbox fanboys need to stop acting like they actually swallowed everything Sony has said and just get over it.

I dont live in a bubble. I like what the machine is now, and what it will become. The only people I hear complaining about PS3 are people who dont have one. (And jerks like Gamespot of course, but they complain for a living.) 99% of PS3 owner sound pretty happy to me.

THAMMER14770d ago

But any way. Bathyj You must have not read this article. The article is talking about the PR that put Sony where they are today. You do understand the Phil H. has been prompting all of the good PR to improve the situation that Ken K. and Kas H. put the PS3 in from all of the misleading info and poor statements.

I know your being optimistic and all that but the truth it the truth Sony's mouth made them #1 on this list. The report button on N4G is to report abuse spam and offensive posts. It is not used to control people with opinion that do not match yours. You do realize that my bubbles will come back and you will lose one for reporting me for nothing. Thanks for your help.

Tut4770d ago

THAMMER1, quit crying. It's a freaking bubble that is made of pixels on a screen produced over the internet.

If people disagree with what you say then they might give you negative feedback or report the comment, and the chances of people disagreeing with you on this site are very good. It is a risk you take by offering your opinion. It is unfortunate that some people are immature but just deal with it and don't openly whine about something so insignificant. If you hate it so much then see if Dusty will change the system in another three months. It might work.

Bathyj4769d ago

I didn't report you, and I didn't give you bad feedback, but since I'm down to 3 bubbles now I can see you did to me. Good work Champ, hope you're proud. I can see this site is going to end up just like Gamespot where anyone who likes his Playstation (among other consoles) cant speak his mind for fear of being silienced.

I dont mind saying I'm a little disappointed since I actually like alot of you post, sometimes even when I dont agree. Shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.