Many reports of calls from Gamestop saying Oblivion out tomorrow.

Many confirmed reports from message boards all around and from Gamestop's website that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will be available to pick up tomorrow afternoon. This is a day earlier than expected.

Many (including me) received a call from the famous "Aeris" the Gamestop automated caller, telling buyers to come and pick up their copies tomorrow.

Make sure to give your local store a call to make sure you can pick up a copy!

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TheWishman4760d ago

woooo, im pumped for it to come out today.

SuperSaiyan44760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

And a year later the PS3 gets a decent game...Woo hoo lol anyways whilst you guys are playing it with NO rumble lol I will be on the Shivering Isle Expansion next week ;-)

Oh and isnt the 360 version around half the price now? LOL

Actually no the game IS THE SAME ON PS3 AND 360!

Is the PS3 version very different to the 360 version?

No, it's pretty much the same. It comes with the Knights of the Nine expansion because it sits very well with the game, but performance wise et cetera it's very much on a par.

TheWishman4760d ago

typical trollish comment. The PS3 has been out for 3 months and we are getting Oblivion at the same time the 360 got it- the following march.

360 version still costs $60.00, but the PS3 version is the same with better graphics, faster load times and includes Knights of the Nine.

Id say overall, it is better than the 360 version which i had and the load times were awful, i sold it quickly and waited for this to enjoy.

hfaze4760d ago

I'll be picking up my copy after work!

Bebedora4760d ago

hope it is working as expected regarding the fluid framerate, and the loading times - you lucky [email protected] (I've herad lots of good stuff off this game)

Ravenator5294760d ago

You now have a true AAA title to cry home about.

Don't take this the wrong way! All I am saying is that this is that Oblivion is an excellent game and that you should be thrilled that it didn't stay on the 360 as an exclusive.

There shouldn't be one PS3 owner who passes up on this game.

Its an RPG without all the boring bullsh1t that comes along with turn base style RPG's. You really feel like you are on this wide open adventure.

eclipsegryph4760d ago

I think I'm giong to be spending the entire day at various gaming forums and pointing out that Oblivion was never an X-Box 360 exclusive, having been game having been released for the console beside the PC version.

Bebedora4760d ago

...i know of has praised this title. ??? Did just the world turn upside down ???? :P

Rasputin20114760d ago

I strongly recommend this title to all as it is an amazing game that kept me and my 360 up for some late nights.

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