GameZone: Yamaha Supercross Review

GameZone writes:
"The Motocross genre has seen some great games, but Yamaha Supercross just isn't one of them. Since Motocross games have been around since the beginning, this game definitely has some areas where it could improve on especially when looking at games of the past. Yamaha Supercross didn't have much going for it, but it is a good value at $20 at most retailers. Honestly, this is the only thing I could find that really stood out to me about the game. With less than par graphics, lack of motion control, and average gameplay, it just didn't stand out to me as a good Motorcross game or even a good Wii game."

Gameplay 6
Graphics 5
Sound 6
Difficulty Easy
Concept 4
Multiplayer 5
Overall 5.0

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