America hardware/software sales for the week ending March 28, 2009

1. Pokemon Platinum (DS)
2. Wii Sports (Wii)
3. Wii Fit (Wii)
4. Resident Evil 5 (360)
5. Wii Play (Wii)
6. Mario Kart Wii
7. Resident Evil 5 (PS3)
8. WWE Legends of WrestleMania (360)
9. Wanted: Weapons of Fate (360)
10. Halo Wars (360)

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Sonyslave33485d ago

killzone 2 system seller my ass.

krouse933485d ago

Yea you probably should wipe your ass after sh!tting your self after playing Killzone 2 because it is that amazing!

LeonSKennedy4Life3485d ago

It is a system seller though.

Have you seen the European charts?

It's owning over there!

Americans still think the PS3 doesn't have rumble, trophies, or any good games. They all think LBP is a kids' game and Killzone 2 is as bad as the first one.

When they play a changes their minds.

Unfortunately, most of them won't give it a chance.

The media has been dragging the PS3 down in America since E3 05'.

ultimolu3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

What, did you get an orgasm from the numbers?

Killzone 2 can't be an excellent game for you guys, right? It must flop through the sales. Hell, of it can't flop through gameplay, it must flop through the f*cking sales!

Have fun. Still doesn't change the fact that Killzone 2 is one of the best games on the PS3. :)

II-Reaper-II3485d ago

Want real stats from a non biased site?Go to wikipedia and check Ps3 sales and X360 sales.They have the Ps3 at 21.55 million since Dec 31 2008.Now in three months Ps3 has sold at least 650,000 units per month worldwide.That would put them at approx. 23.5 million .When u see this u actually know why Sony doesnt drop the price of the Ps3,They dont need to!!!It says a lot about a company when u can get their Next-gen system for almost the same price as a PsP (360)lol!!!BY the way they had the 360 at 27.9million as of feb 1 2009.

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Braineater24483485d ago

Platinum doing well considering its the same thing as Diamond/Pearl.

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Anon19743485d ago

Sales data from NPD is allowed. Why wouldn't VGchartz be allowed? They do the same thing.

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Beast_Master3485d ago

Killzone at #20 overall sales are higher than Halo Wars :P . Considering the install base that is pretty good or sad however you look at it.

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Dread3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

that is odd i thought kill zone would be there. I mean all the fans here at n4g were saying that this game would change everything. How come halo wars an rts did better ? it is odd.

i bet some of the Europeans here at N4G will turn to racist remarks about how US gamers are stupid and what not. ( i read this almost every day for those who do not believe me. the mods don't always remove racist anti-US comments) (look at comment 8.1 as an example./. i knew it! i wrote this before i read the racist comment. wow)Those who have character and are not racist (most) will probably claim the numbers are not accurate because it is Vcharts. Perhaps Vcharts is not as accurate as we would like but it is definitely indicative of the end result. However, I do not mind waiting for the real results before believing kz2 did not make top 10.


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ultimolu3485d ago

Didn't it EVER occur to you guys that the reason why KZ2 was hyped was because of the gameplay itself or even the graphics? Why is it that you're assuming the game was hyped for the sake of sales?

IcarusOne3485d ago

Given that hype is usually empty, it makes sense that the graphics and gameplay got the hype. ....think it through.....

And the purpose of hype is to MOVE UNITS. Hmm.... So much to consider. Or not.

Aquanox3485d ago

@ ultimolu -

I thought the whole point of hyping up a game for its qualities (visuals, story, soundtrack or whatever) was ultimately to have more people buying it. I was under the impression that the videogame industry was a business.


DethWish3485d ago

Racist against Americans? Wrong word there m8 :)

UnwanteDreamz3485d ago

You think you are in the biz? Stupid just stupid. Fans hype games because they are excited to play them dummy. Only people like you think you secretly work for a company and are helping them with your every word.

I was hyped about playing KZ2, I was never hyped about reading VGCharts and seeing it out sell everything.

gaffyh3485d ago

@1.4 - NPD/Media Create/GFK are accurate, VGChartz are completely guesstimates.

Aquanox3485d ago

Take reading comprehension lessons.

Oh and, sure, the Killzone 2 pre-rendered footage released by Sony wasn't a way to hype the game.

N4G = Kids with keyboards magneto.

ultimolu3485d ago

Then going by your logic Aquanox, Killzone 2 is a flop because it didn't sell five million in one day.

Whatever. Let the hate of this game continue. The same crap happened with Little Big Planet too!

Sarcasm3485d ago

Aquanox, quit the BS already. People can see through your Microsoft heart a mile away.

Aquanox3485d ago


Critically not at all.

Commercially, it depends where do you look it at. I'd say that considering the amount of hype, time and money invested into it, it's definitely not delivering on the expectations. I don' even know how long it will take until they recover the investment, let alone start making profit.

thereapersson3485d ago

Why do you care what fanboys say about a game? Who cares if some over-zealous people claimed it was going to sell millions? Do you even own Killzone 2?

Just think, when you log off and close your browser, and return to your normal life, will your life be affected by the sales numbers of Killzone 2? Not to mention you are using VG Chartz' ESTIMATES as "proof" of all of this, when we've seen time and time before how wrong they can be.

All-33484d ago

Except for the FACT that RTS games historically --> AREN'T BIG sellers on home consoles.

Which game --> Killzone 2 or Halo Wars is an RTS... Hmmm?

Apparently Halo Wars is the best selling console RTS ever... so what about Killzone 2 sales thus far vs other AAA FPSers?

Is Killzone 2 the best selling FPSer ever on a home console?

All-33484d ago

Polling end users to find out what games they are currently purchasing and playing. Polling retail partners to find out what games and hardware they are selling. Using statistical trend fitting and historical data for similar games. Studying resell prices to determine consumer demand and inventory levels. Consulting with publishers and manufacturers to find out how many units they are introducing into the channel.

For all hardware and top 50 software, sales estimates will be arrived at from at least three of the distinct methods listed above to ensure accuracy. For software below the top 50, sales estimates may be arrived at from only one or two of the methods since less data (and time!) is available. VG Chartz holds no responsibility for the use of our weely sales estimates – any business decisions made are made at your own risk.

VG Chartz has been cited and featured by a number of leading worldwide publications such as Reuters TV, The BBC, CNN Money, The New York Times, Fortune, Business 2.0, Forbes, The New York Post, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Birmingham News, The Toronto Star, The Indianapolis Star, The Inquirer,, CNet, Seeking Alpha, O’Reilly Radar, Yahoo Games and The Guiness Book of World Records.

If you require any custom analysis, preview data, forecasts or any other bespoke service outside of the scope of what is offered publically on VG Chartz, or want to know more about the website then please contact us – [email protected]

Whether it's actually true or false... this is what is claimed.

Now go at it... and have fun.

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GrandTheftZamboni3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I don't understand this:

Consoles sold in NA since inception:

360: 17,001,185
PS3: 8,288,531

Games sold this week in NA:

360: 880,178
PS3: 542,456

There are 2.05 times as many 360s as there are PS3s in North America, but the software ratio is 1.62 in favour of 360.

What happened? I was under impression that 360 owners buy more games. Either that is not true, or there aren't that many 360s in use.

lowcarb3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

What I can't understand is why kz2 isn'tr even on the list lol.I thought a game like that would of sold much better in the states. Also regardless of the user base res still sold more on 360 which is all devs are worried about.

This is vg anyways so if i were you i wouldn't take there numbers serious to begin with.

EDit toogamer: Yeah 700k is nice but im sure the game the game will sell at least 2 or 3 million by summer.

SCThor3485d ago

is vgchartz buddy. Keep walking, nothing to see here.

ukilnme3485d ago

Maybe the numbers are true. The recession affects 360 owners as well. Why compare? Just play games.

TrooGamer3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Regarding KZ2 it says nearly 700k...which is good in my opinion but some will disagree

3485d ago
Anon19743485d ago

BBC, Fortune, Forbes, New York Times, New York Post, etc all consider Vgchartz a reliable source for sales data. Do you think they all just don't bother to check their sources?

VGchartz is no different than NPD group. They have their retailer partnerships, they have partnerships with publishers, they collect their data and they use fancy shmancy statistical hocus pocus to fill in the blanks. The main difference is VGchartz will actually adjust their figures when official numbers are available. NPD group doesn't bother, which is fair considering their job is to come up with their numbers...not worry about adjusting figures on a historical basis after the fact.

ultimolu3485d ago

There's a reason why VG Chartz is banned on certain sites.

Aquanox3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )


This ratio exists because there are a lot of casuals with Arcades whereas only the Hardcores (The ones that buy more games) can afford a Playstation 3. That's exactly what happened.

Thank you for asking.

Why dis3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Whats your point? those 360 numbers didn't fall too short of twice the sales in relation to a fanbase being twice as big.

Not bad for nothing being released lately but a RTS and a few average multi platform games(not RE5 but RE is a well known series on PS). PS3 had the most hyped game in PS3's history and you post numbers that show PS3 was not far from being out done by almost 2 to 1? lol

LOL you post numbers that capture a snapshot of the overall picture trying to paint a picture of this being a trend.

gamesmaster3485d ago

whydis, try and calm yourself when posting, it's like you're foaming at the mouth. You say 'lol' but when i read your posts, they just sound like an angry fankid stamping his feet.

hes just saying that its interesting, given the numbers. i also think its interesting. but thats about it, back to freelancer now. wuhey

kevnb3484d ago

all the pirates are using 360s since the ps3 cant be hacked yet.

s8anicslayer3484d ago

amazing to see XBOX still dominating the American chartz!Bubbles to MS

All-33484d ago

And you're talking into account ALL the games bought by Xbox 360 owners PRIOR to those recent --> WEEKLY <-- NPD North American sales figures - YES?

In other words... what is the ATTACH rate for Xbox 360 games per console since release until now?

Anyone watching --> SALES numbers knows those numbers FLUCTUATE. Sometimes console and or game sales are up, and sometimes they are down vs previous weeks.

Sales also depend upon what promotions and or games are being released during those sales periods...

With a MUCH HIGHER North American install base vs the Xbox 360... WHERE are the PSP games on that NPD list? Hmmm?

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chidori6663485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

wow....... second coming of cristh halo wars my ASS!!!!!

and vg chatz: GARBAGE!

Sackdude3485d ago

vgchartz? keep believing this stupid website.