The Trouble With Medics In 'Killzone 2'

Sal Basile of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Last week I unlocked the Medic class for Killzone 2. Remembering Stephen's predicament last month, I was eager to start reviving my teammates.

However, reviving someone in Killzone 2 seems to have drawbacks.

In the first game I played as a medic, "Get away from me!" was the last thing I heard before a barrage of swear-words was thrown at me. I had just revived a downed teammate. Puzzled, I asked my teammates why the player was so outraged and was met with some justifiable points."

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crillyconlig3579d ago

because if your down under fire, you get revived and killed instantly again it get rather anouying

himdeel3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

...likewise I haven't figured if the direction of the revive matters but you seem to always be turned away from the direction of the fire when you get up so you end up getting shot in the back :(

One mistake in article, you cannot continuously revive downed teammates as you have to wait for the cooldown on the revive gun before you can spark again.

gaffyh3579d ago

Yeh reviving kinda sucks for the guy who gets revived, your grenades don't even get replenished!

But on a side note, how crap is this guy at Killzone 2 that he unlocked the Medic class, the first unlockable class, only last week?

GrandTheftZamboni3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Yeah. Don't be like Peter...

Sorry, couldn't find English version.

joydestroy3579d ago

i agree with his point about going down and actually dying.
i think there should be a time limit on how long you can wait on a medic to revive you. and i think being downed shouldn't count as a death.

i don't agree with the n00bs that start with little ammo, run out, get revived and don't have anything and get pissed because of it. learn how to pick up fallen comrades' weapons!

Downtown boogey3579d ago

All these whiners start whining before getting a clue about the game so they whine about the wrong issues... Damn!

TheRealSpy3579d ago

they should rename this article to "The trouble with having slow news days."

UnwanteDreamz3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I guess that is why their are ammo boxes, being a new player you probably don't know this. Press square over downed teammates weapons.

Reviving anyone while enemies are swarming is bad form unless you know the player wants in. I have never had a problem with being revived but to each their own.

Tempist3579d ago

Wow, get yelled at by a noob and declair the medic a problem? Someone's making some sensational reporting. Look yeah you don't have a lot of ammo... but other people do and people die a plenty. Ammo is never short (unless you're a sniper or are using the rifle). Pistol kills are not that hard and when it's really needed, you can club a man to death.

This person was not discouraged since he goes on to say other people found him useful. If you're discouraged by noob antics, you're going to be hard pressed when it comes to the more hardcore.

sonarus3579d ago

Low ammo count means you count your shots if you get a kill take ammo from whoever you just killed. Two kills will is the difference between 32 bullets and 250 bullets. I like that the ammo is handled this way.

Screw anyone complaining about being healed. Majority of the people don't want to stay down so i will heal the majority of the people that cross my path.

Also it takes like a full minute between revives. So if you heal someone you can't just keep healing em to rack up points while they keep dying. Also upon being healed you are given temporary invisibility which is just enough to allow you to gather yourself before you become vulnerable again

As far as i am concerned Medic is a perfectly balanced class

fusionboxer3579d ago

Now look what you have to do as a medic is revive people regardless of what they say. Also if your being revived the first thing you need to do is sprint away. When being revived or coming out of a spawn point you have a temporary shield of invincibility.

What Guerilla should do in a patch is add the ability to instantly die and wait for a timer, or allow yourself to just sit and wait for a timer with the option of allowing a medic to heal you if they happen to come by.

A simple press X option would be fine. Press x and instantly go to a dead position while the countdown starts for you to revive. Press nothing and your then allowed to be revived. Something similar is going on, but they just need to quicken it.

XxZxX3579d ago

i love it when some retard medic decide to revive me in the middle of heavy cross fire just to let me die again.

JsonHenry3579d ago

Hmm. I forgot I even owned this game until I saw this article. Might have to play a few games later.

ThanatosDMC3579d ago

Nothing wrong with Medics... what's this noob talking about?

Ahmay3579d ago

if you get revived why count it as a death? well, that also makes getting kills harder. you would have to confirm the death. and then shooting someone from long distance may not kill them, if they can always be revived with no death. one issue can lead to another, huh? although i still don't think a death should be counted, the only advantage of being revived is if your needed at that area. for hardcore and strategic gameplay.

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Kleptic3579d ago

in the beta...we DEMANDED that players be given a 'suicide button', which allows anyone to 'tap out' of being basically gives control to the down player on whether or not they can be brought back up...

however the revive mechanism is light years ahead of the beta; despite still not having that suicide now cannot spam revive someone, and they get about 3 seconds of invulnerability when they stand up now (as long as they do not shoot or throw a grenade...then it clicks off immediately)...which is very helpful in allowing them to get to safety...

but don't get me started on kill points in killzone 2...this game has some of the wonkiest kill points, mission points, etc. structures I have ever come across...a kill from a team mate counts as a death, which is almost never your own fault (rocket users are douche bags on both teams)...and almost every other modern shooter omits that as a death counted against you...

and you get 2 kill points for a single head shot after the 'head fetish' medal...not like BC points...where a kill is one point on your kill tally (on the point overview screen), but you are given 3 mission points...that column under the reticle is 'supposed' to be kills I guess...yet one headshot adds two points to that score...and this is not reflected into your actual stats, only this overview thing...

so basically...that point screen they show you in game is 100% can't get any real idea of how many kills someone has, or you have...because that number could be doubled because of headshots...and it doesn't tell you that...or even deaths...because maybe they were stuck on a team with idiot assaults that kept blowing you up...

so whatever...the game is still awesome...but definitely has some interesting quirks...

himdeel3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

...I have no idea how many kills I've gotten due to the point system. This bothers me most when I'm trying to get 5 kills with X job or item. I sometimes think I've gotten all my points per the kills I was trying to achieve only to find I didn't get the points the way I wanted to get them. I cannot tell you how many times I'd think, "YES, 5 kills with my turret." Only to see no ribbons pop up after a match :(

I wish they had an option to change the on screen information to tell you when you've achieved the objectives for a particular ribbon you're trying to get.

crillyconlig3579d ago

i forgot about the moaning in the beta forum about the suicide option, wish they had added that

Kleptic3579d ago

yeah would think any competitive gamer would like to see how many other 'people' he has killed at the end of the match...and how many times the enemy killed them...

instead we get this 4 columned thing of useless information...the negative points don't make any sense... a suicide is 1 point, killing a teammate is 3 at the end of the do not know where you are...the deaths are the most straight forward I guess, but still skewed because a team mates bot can randomly explode (they do that after a certain amount of time), which will kill you even in non TK games...a team mate can kill you, and an enemy can kill you...all of which go towards your you do not know at all how many times you were killed by an enemy, just how many times you simply fell over...

but yeah...the kill counter and mission points simply don't make the point where I simply don't look at them anymore...or anyone elses...because they simply don't give you any useful information...killing an enemy's turret or sentry will give you one point on your kill counter...a head shot gives you 2 points on your kill counter...and simply killing an enemy player 'normally' gives you 1 point on that kill your official stats however will ONLY count a kill towards an enemy player...the bots do not count to your total kills...and a head shot does not count as 2 kills, only 1...

so where does that get us?...I can regularly get a 2.0+ KDR according to that jumbled up shat show score preview thing...then check my 'real' statistics...and see my overall KDR dropping (its down from a 1.50 to a 1.48 last week, slowly going up again though iirc.) according to story short...that thing they show you in game is 100% pointless and gives you zero useful information about yourself, or others that you are playing...

thor3579d ago

Kleptic you are 100% correct.

In that screen it should list:


That's all you need! You don't really care about the number of points you got from kills, just the number of kills.

And it's a NECESSITY to display a ping. WTF were they thinking? Have they just dumbed it down for all the console kiddies? Do they think we don't know what ping means? For all the Sony fanboys ranting about the benefits of dedicated servers, KZ2 doesn't seem to feature them. It's all laggy peer-to-peer, or some other completely unknown system. I would at least like it explained.

As for a suicide button, the only reason I ever wanted to do this was to reset my air support or disguise or whatever when I was getting the ribbons - I'm usually pleased to be revived and I'm rarely put in a precarious position because I can usually get out of the way in time. I don't have a problem with it. There aren't that many medics to begin with.

Spinitus3579d ago

it does display the number of kill/deaths in the game. look under the crosshair icon that's ur number of kills, look under the skull icon that's # of deaths.

Kleptic3578d ago


the networking system killzone 2 uses is beyond me...MotherH did say that 'killzone 2 will feature mountains of dedicated servers'...but I agree with you; killzone 2 doesn't seem to use a normal host/client mechanic like most PSN or XBL games...

but at the same time it doesn't seem to be straight up p2p either...p2p networking, in terms of everyone being a host and a client, is usually terrible for gaming because a single slow connection (particularly one slow in uploading) can crash the match entirely...some early XBL games attempted this, and the general consensus was that p2p is good for file sharing and thats about it...

killzone 2 definitely has host if you start a game and there are people in quitting doesn't end the game...the otehr players get a 'network host unavailable' for a few seconds while a new 'host' is found I guess...this is usually impossible with regular host/client...but it could be simply that the actual game is hosted by a high speed dedicated server, but some player client hosts stat recording or something...many other games do that too...

when you make your own do get a slight bit of host advantage from what I can tell...not as drastic as any UE3 based game, or even cod 4...but its definitely there...death animations are instant, which is the main way i can tell...

but yeah I agree...i would love GG to explain how the hell the system works...I can play some matches with 32 players without a drop of lag for an hour straight...then play an 8 player match that has people skipping all over the place...give us ping information of some sort before you join a game (hell give us a ton more information about each server from the main lobby)...make it easier to play with our friends...and fix that bastard point information displayed during the match...and i'll be fine...

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josephat843579d ago

It is just soo addicting. Anyone with a PS3 who has not bought it yet, GO OUT AND GET IT! It really is worth it.

patb3579d ago

This article seems seems a little biased against KZ2 to me. Like when one sentance said " Killzone 2 further infuriates players"

redsquad3579d ago

People can start a game and omit the Medic class if they want. Getting nasty because a Medic is doing his 'job' seems a bit unfair - They're just as under pressure and need to make quick decisions as the rest of the character classes.

I also don't get how, even with 'friendly fire' off, when I start to cook a grenade and get killed, the dropped grenade can kill a team mate. I lose a point (or two, can't remember) and earn some animosity in the process.

Kleptic3579d ago

there is still a few glitches with team kills, even when tk'ing is off...a dropped grenade can kill them at certain times (generally said by many to be if its on 'certain surfaces')...and how a friendly turret will explode over time, even if its not shot...will kill you if you are close, even though it was planted by a guy on your team...

there are a few others, but I can't figure out at all what triggers them...i've been killed by some douchebag's rockets who was on my team, even though TK'ing was disabled...but I only see it happen when I am a spy and disguised...

ah whatever though...they'll eventually get rid of that...

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