Five Rumors You Can Never Believe

The Internet wouldn't be any fun without the ever-present rumor mill. It's especially prolific on tech news sites, where the only thing better than finding out about the next great thingamajig is being the first website to tell everyone about it. Rumors get started in forums and on dubious websites, sometimes even correctly and clearly stated as rumors, and then the telephone game begins. As they are printed and reprinted in the cheap 1s and 0s of dozens of blogs and news sites, the story takes on a life on its own and the rumor becomes fact.

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Chagy4768d ago

lol imagine that how many more DS would sell

Ludwig4768d ago

I think the news Below kinda un-proof the point of this one .. DMC4 on 360 .. so? it was a RUMOR .. big fat rumor.

OldSchoolGamer4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

then checked through google to confirm from other sites, lol thought it was ironic, this story just happened to be 20 minutes older.

Robotz Rule4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

Halo on the DS?,Bungie is microsoft-only,man I'm laughing so hard I'm going to wet myself,
seriously,though I don't doubt about deadrising being on thePlaystation 3 since capcom is going multiplatform with devil may cry 4(ps3,xbox 360,pc),and It's huge success with selling over a million copies on the xbox 360,am I right?

eclipsegryph4768d ago

I'm pretty sure the Halo on DS bit was meant to be sarcastic, mate, and not to be even remotely taken seriously.

power of Green 4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

Please tell me the reason why Capcom would make PS3 versions of their games when they only sold around 2-3 million of each game with a install base of over 10 million 360 owners.(don't get me wrong thats alot!)LP2 and DR2 will be out by the time it worth the investment that is if the PS3 base grows fast enough.

Capcom is smart they must know more than we do and have acted accordingly, they must think MS's going to grab much of the PS2 fanbase(will have DMC fans on 360 old and new) they also know 360's fanbase size is a plus not to mention gamers on the 360 side spend alot of money on games.

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