Massively: One Shots: A stew of screens


"Can you believe it? Today marks our 500th One Shots column since we started the site! That's 500 images we've managed to snag from you, our awesome readers, with only a small handful from our team. Sadly, due to sizing, UI, etc. we're not always able to use every screenshot that's sent in to us. That said, I really wanted a chance to show them off, even if they're not full-sized or have too much UI, just because folks were nice enough to send them in. As such, for today we're going to wander through some of the great one-off screenshots we've gotten since we started this column, like the above World of Warcraft image from Veng, as a special salute to our readers and all their great contributions. Let's hope for 500 more awesome MMO screens to come!"

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