2 New Resistance Map Pack Screenshots

IGN shows shows us 2 new screenshots from the upcoming Resistance Map Pack.

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Chagy4764d ago

is there ever gonna be new weapons i would love to see some

GaMr-4764d ago

Wonder if they are going to be massive like the ones now.

fenderputty4764d ago

The indoor one in closed quaters looks fun. Any level with snow looks to be fun too.

Lord Anubis4764d ago

its the same map with two levels, underground and a top level. Insomniac says it will make the map interesting.

ER1X4764d ago

I could be wrong but this doesn't appear to be the same map. The snow covered screen looks to be from the River Thames portion and the underground tunnel screen appears to be from Cheshire. Two completely different places in the story...

neogeo4764d ago

sorry but we prefer more then one thing on screen at a time, it called physics and fall of man has then while Gears is a beautiful still picture....KO'd

power of Green 4764d ago

Fanboy you have to compare other "360" PFS's to RFOM. Gears gameplay doesn't allow too many charectors on screen with close to mid range combat( your fanboy opinion would defeat the purpose, having badies all around you would hurt the gameplay of out smarting the bad guys; whats the point of hiding behind a wall to stay alive when you are surrounded running for you life at all time?). RFOM will be old news when the other 5-6 games like it comes this year.

It's like GrAW that type of pop and take cover gameplay only works with a set amount of players. Graw and Gow both have long range battles where many chartectors at once works out!. If you dont like this gameplay design and preffer FPS's than that's OK but some how i think you're hating on gow and has nothing to do with honestly not liking the game.

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