HP's Google Android netbooks could kill Windows

HP might have found a way to cut the cost of netbooks even further: use Google's Android operating system with its Mini-Note laptops instead of Microsoft Windows.

Cutting costs is crucial for computer manufacturers and the buying public, which explains the flourishing popularity of netbooks and budget mini laptops. And HP's switch to Google Android could get the price even lower.

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Zeus Lee3486d ago

Netbooks will replace Laptops as the portable Computer.Only Apple,HP,and MAYBE Sony will be producing Laptops 3 years from now,the business model for Laptops is slowly dying as Netbooks are becoming cheaper and more powerful by the day.

Quote me on this;By 2013,there will be more Netbook users than Laptop users across the World.It's inevitable.

Microsofts biggest mistakes going forward would be:
a)Placing a high price on Windows 7 for Computer Manufacturers.
b)Making Windows 7 a resource hog on a 1 GB Netbook.So far,a lot of people have been saying Windows 7 consumes about 800 MB of system memory;if Microsoft can get this under 600 MB then Google Android won't be an issue for them.

I really hope Microsoft are paying attention to the Windows 7 feedback,because if they screw it up like they did Vista,then I honestly can not see Microsoft doing very well in the near future.

KionicWarlord2223486d ago

there are more people hoping microsoft screws up. but any windows 7 beta was way very fast.

bob saget remix3486d ago

Laptops out power netbooks by like 8:1. Netbooks have integrated graphics cards. So nope.

The Lazy One3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Windows 7 has it's own netbook dedicated OS version that's much simplified over the normal version of windows 7. I wouldn't count it out.

That said, I think they'd have to make a dedicated netbook version of android before it competes well with future windows versions. I'd have to hear more about how they decide to price the different versions of windows too though.

quick edit:

I still don't think netbooks will replace laptops. A lot of people are looking to laptops to completely replace desktop PCs. A netbook is a good supplement to a desktop, but to someone looking for a good portable all purpose computer, they'll still go for a laptop.

BrianC62343485d ago

"Laptops out power netbooks by like 8:1. Netbooks have integrated graphics cards. So nope."

Why does that matter? It's not like netbooks are being sold to gamers. Netbooks don't need much power. They're for doing simple things like word processing, email and browsing the Web. You don't need any fancy graphics card for any of that.

Too bad the netbook manufacturers let Microsoft buy them off. You used to be able to buy one with Linux on it. Now they all have Windows XP.

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DJ3486d ago

But downplayed Android's very existence in the market. As it stands though, Google made a smart move by introducing the OS in the handheld market first and then switching over to the Netbook market.

The OS itself is already very small and streamlined, so I have little doubt that it'll kick Windows Vista out of the Netbook market. It's cheaper, will put far less strain on the system (which can save hardware costs through lowered specs), and lacks the interface issues that Vista suffers from.

Microsoft however can counter by designing an OS specifically for netbooks, but based off of Windows XP.

bob saget remix3486d ago

Since it owns 30% of the netbook market. Well Android is basically just linux. It uses the linux kernel.

Ju3486d ago

Heck, just figured my Asus M3 boots Linux without a BIOS directly from Flash:

Didn't even know that exists. The tech in there is Splashtop:

Linux has some strong customized solutions now.

solidsnakus3486d ago

im sorry but whats a netbook? did i miss something? whats the diffrence between a notebook and netbook.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Sign me up!!! I'll get 1!!! ;-D

p.s to xBot Zombie DLC Lemmings on this - You can call us 'AnDroid[s]' now!!! ;-D

bob saget remix3486d ago

But there so limited with there power.

DJ3486d ago

They're ultra-portable laptops. That's really the only main draw.

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