GDC 2007: Huxley Preview PC, XBOX 360 MMO 100 vs. 100 FPS

The chaos of GDC created a number of unique interview scenarios. Webzen grabbed top billing when we fled a rainstorm and did an interview on Huxley in a crowded Starbucks while uncut gameplay videos streamed on a laptop. Huxley is an upcoming Unreal-powered MMOFPS from the Korean publisher that promises fragging fun in a persistent post-apocalyptic world.

Circumstance meant that I could not see it live, but the videos I saw were clearly not the polished trailers typically found on YouTube. There were bugs, there were missing textures and there were mistakes. This was raw gameplay in a recent build, uncut, as indicative of the game's progress as any of the dozens of developer controlled demos shown that week.

So how did it look? The art looked polished as it always has and reassured me that a game with that kind of visual depth can work. Webzen promises PvP maps that range from 1v1 to 100v100. The gameplay itself is the usual map-based FPS fare with an MMO twist, as one would expect.

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ArmrdChaos4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

This will definitely be a wait and see as far as performance/pay goes. If they could primarily use the LIVE fee to keep the price minimal on this then there should be a number of takers. As far as the 100 vs. 100, if they can make that work without lag then it pretty much makes 40 vs. 40 seem pretty insignificant.

If they can make a successful MMO model work with LIVE then the 360 may just become the console of choice for MMO's. I think $50 a year for LIVE would be even more justified if it allowed access to all 360 MMO's...especially with what Sony charges for their PC MMO's access per month. Of course that is a lot of ifs.

Funky Town_TX4762d ago

I wonder how they will do the charging. I don't want to pay MMO fees.

ASSASSYN 36o4762d ago

Personally, I prefer this game to be 100% on-line with pc and 360 co-gameplay in all aspects. That would to me justify a monthly payment.

power of Green 4762d ago

Action RPG-mmo with a dash of SIM gameplay is classic!.

Blasphemy4762d ago

100 vs 100 that would be crazy.

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