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Apple iPhone Apps writes: "Action, adventure, puzzle, racing, strategy, role playing…it just keeps going! How can anyone expect to keep up? With over thousands, yes thousands, of applications in the app store as well as the new additions that are added each day it's no wonder things can get a tad overwhelming. What's good? What sucks? Is this worth $4.99? Is that worth $.99? I think you get the point, which brings me to why I'm even writing this in the first place. I'm here to help

Gamer's Corner is here for anything and everything relating to games on the IPhone and IPod Touch. From the newest releases to the latest news, I will be providing weekly columns on all of your gaming needs. As well as talking about whatever is important or interesting to you guys, the readers. Because let's face it, if your not involved in this process, what's the point. So comment, and comment often. I'll do my best to read every one of them and reply as well. I also welcome suggestions on something you'd like to hear more about or whatever else you might like to see on here as well. Again, just like the reviews in the app store help shape future updates for your apps, the same goes here."

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