Game Focus: Monsters vs. Aliens Review

Game Focus writes: "Pretty much every movie nowadays gets a videogame adaptation but only animated movies are the most successful simply because they're clearly marketed for kids. Nothing is cooler than controlling your favourite character right after watching the movie. Bee Movie, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda were the latest Dreamworks' animated franchises to get their own videogame and now its Monsters vs. Aliens' turn. Chances are, if you're reading this review you went to see the movie with the family and the kids are begging you to own the game at home."


+ Simple and intuitive control scheme
+ Solid voice-overs and sound effects
+ Charming characters
+ Solid graphic engine, vivid visuals
+ Monster Challenges adds some replay value


- Repetitive voice-over lines
- Game can be completed in a weekend
- Cut-scenes look inferior than the game itself
- Co-op is fun but could have been expanded a bit more

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