Japan Has Gone too Far with Rape Simulation Game

With Jack Thompson, the longtime face of the anti-game-violence movement, recently banned from practicing law in Florida. There hasn't been any outcrys about video games in awhile. Well now is a good time to resurrect Jack Thompson from the cave he was buried in. Fresh out of Japan comes RapeLay, a rape simulation game.

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xabmol3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Here we go again...

Maybe another blogger can b*tch about my comments, misspell my name, and submit it as news.



It's a GAME! If it was a MOVIE no one would care. Manhunt didn't cause any murders and Rapelay still hasn't caused any rapes.

Hated Greatness3579d ago

What are you even talking about

MisterNiwa3579d ago

Yeah, we should ban Japan out of Europe and America!

Ghoul3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

xabmol your taking yourself a wee bit to important.

oh and if you seriously think rapeporns ar ok, sorry then you really are a sick person.

i dont have a problem with these games, but your comment is nonsense.

XxZxX3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

should we invade japan or trade embargo because of this game?

Jack thompson is right, Rape is part of torture. All sick games that involve killing and torturing should be BANNED, you cant just ban one specific group. That would be double standard, you have to banned all.

Tempist3579d ago

Someone is still trying to milk this? I'm calling dead horse raping on this writer. It's exposed, everyone knows and Amazon isn't selling it.

Why spend the time stalking to rape when you can do it virtually. I don't condone rape, but this is technically a better alternative for redirecting.

IcarusOne3579d ago

The Japanese especially have always been much more into rape-themed entertainment than most. From their porn to their hentai games, this theme is rampant. I'm not excusing it. Just saying that this is the latest in a long line of games that are already ever-present and very easy to find on the internet.

SaiyanFury3579d ago

I'm not saying there should be a big outcry here, but I'm not surprised Japan has these kinds of games. Japan is a heavily liberal country that is much more open to things like this than more down to earth places like North America. Although personally, I'd never let my kids see this kind of thing.

stephen20053579d ago


I still disagree with you. The fact that you think rape porn, rape games, rape anything is okay.....means I pretty much hate you. The end.

velaxun3579d ago

I'm with Xambol, not this again. We've dealt with it once, everybody has different opinions blah blah blah kill this article with fire

nycredude3579d ago

This rape game shiat is getting blown out of proportions. First of all the games aren't even violent. It is mostly of the groping type! Second of all people of all races have rape fantasies, it's just fantasies people! People of all generations also like many other IMO gross stuff like beastiality, scat, choking, gagin, puke eating and all kinds of nasty shiat. let's not pin it all on the Japanese!

BTW have anyone seen the new remake of the Last House on the Left? There is a rape and murder scene in it that is absolutely f*&king appalling!!!!!!!, and yet not a word or article on that. Give me a break!

JD_Shadow3579d ago

Uhh...he never did say he condoned the act, only that it hasn't really contributed to the amount of sexual crimes in the world. Maybe if you read his post, you might've caught that.

rockleex3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

This is his quote: "It's a GAME! If it was a MOVIE no one would care."

What he's saying is that rape porn, or even movies that show rape scenes, are accepted by the general public. Because there's a rating system that allows parents and adults to know whats safe for their children to see.

But suddenly games cannot have rape scenes even though these games are rated Adults Only.

So what's all the commotion about? Simple. Its because Americans still think ALL video games are for kids, therefore NO games can have killing, rape, or even boobs for God's sake! If they took the video game industry as seriously as their porn or movie industries, then none of this commotion would stir up.

It doesn't even matter that the game's ratings CLEARLY say that its for adults only. Adults can handle rape scenes in porn and movies, therefore adults should be able to handle rape scenes in games too.

At the end of the day, we have a choice of whether to watch that rape porn/movie or not, or to play that rape game or not.

My personal opinion is that rape porn should be banned too along with rape games. But rape porn will never be banned, so to keep the standard the same, rape games shouldn't be banned either.

PS: Its not like Japan's the only weird place that has rape porn, trust me, the American porn industry has lots of it too.

lolol1233579d ago

i think rape games sound fun and i would love to see more come out

fusionboxer3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

not that we should ban this or ban that or even mind our own business.

What the problem here is that if you go to one extreme then decide to swap your gonna swap to the other extreme if that makes any sense.

If we were to ban this game then what else would be banned that contained rape, torture, or any sort of violence in general.

I'm not trying to defend this game about rape, but I am trying to defend our basic freedoms. If I want to draw a picture of me punching soulja boy in the face then I expect to be allowed to do so. If we as a society jump to the extreme and ban everything that contains torture or any sort of violence then we'd have to say good bye to a ton of amazing movies, comics, tv shows, etc.

Basically I say who cares. I don't see this hurting anyone. I read that the games been out a while and I don't see a huge influx of rapes in Japan. If anything there are far more rapes going on here then in Japan despite what these stupid japanophiles around here want to believe.

(On the flip side anyone who rapes someone should get beat the *#%@ down. Just thought I'd add this so yall know I don't tolerate anything like this. I just don't think news like this deserves this much attention.)

UnwanteDreamz3579d ago

Great comment! I have to agree if we are going to be outraged at a rape game then we should be outraged at rape porn, movies that depict rape (The House on the Left, very recent mainstream movie with a violent rape scene), TV shows that depict rape (Law and Order SVU is a show that focuses on rape of children and adults and passes as entertainment), jokes about rape (FAMILY GUY how many times has quagmire eluded to such things). The truth is this game is no more wrong in its presintation of rape as entertainment then the abouve mentioned things. I know some wont agree but its just my opinion.

Sitdown3579d ago

without hitting the disagree...because I care. I can not stomach rape...and it is one of the reasons why I will never watch A time to Kill again. In addition...based on the game/movie..there can be a movie you are watching, while, I am guessing" in a video are not just an observer, but actually engaging in the game to carry out the action. I said, while rape happens is not something I care to see or engage in through gaming/simulation.

RememberThe3573579d ago

We all went over this before. No one here likes rape. No one wants videogames to be held to a different standard. This is really bad. This isn't that bad. Your a douche bag for supporting this game. Your a douche bag for thinking that someone else is a douche bag.

Guys, we're not going to come to a consensus about this. I personally think this is F'ed up. Some of you don't. Just because this is a videogame doesn't mean you need to defend it. This is not right on any level. No one here should be defending any kind of profiteering of rape. It actually makes me sad to see you guys feeling so obligated to videogames that you would defend them even when they're wrong.

rockleex3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I don't see you complaining whenever a rape porn or rape movie is released.

All I ask is for people to stop having double standards. What's excepted in movies should be acceptable in games. If you don't allow it in games, then don't allow it anywhere else.

I hate discrimination. Whatever happened to equality? Are we gonna have to do a Video Games Rights March now to get equal standards?

American Dream, my ass. <_<


"Oh look! Rape is in movies and porn! But Its okay, we're adults. We can handle it. What'd you say? There's rape in video games now?! That's unacceptable!! Burn them games! Burn!!!"

Equal standards. Its not a hard concept to comprehend... -_-"

Bubble Buddy3579d ago

"Your a rapist" from the website =

Spelling Fail.

ShiftyLookingCow3579d ago

"Fresh out of Japan comes ...." whaaat? This is old news and the game itself is like 3 years old now.

n to the b3579d ago

yes but people thinking gaming violence is worse due to simulative interactivity should realize that in some ways they're no more interactive (yet) than a choose-your-own-adventure book. there are only limited options so it's more like seeing the different endings play out than full player choice. maybe an even better analogy would be a DVD released with alternate endings.

rockleex3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I agree. Most people don't realize that these Hentai games have little interactivity.

Its all preset multiple paths like a point and click adventure.

Editing my 1.19 post, it should be: "What's accepted in movies"

hermie3579d ago

Rape in movies (mainstream movies - not rape porn etc.) don't really equate with rape in games like this. Rape in movies is typically used as a way to vilify the bad guy(s) and get the audience fired up/horrified/angry. In games like this, rape is rewarded and is intended to be enjoyed, over and over again. You won't find a mainstream movie that glorifies rape.

Sitdown3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

"Once she’s on the train, the assault begins. Inside the subway car, you can use the mouse to grope your victim as you stand in a crowd of mute, translucent commuters. From here, your character corners his victim-in a station bathroom, or in a park with the help of male friends-and a series of interactive rape scenes begins."

Perhaps it is just me...but actively clicking seems to go a little further than just selecting a pathway and watching it play out or selecting an alternative ending. Besides, I do not know about you...but I find legitimate reasons for rape to be few and far in between.....where sometimes other acts of violence might be of necessity...although not necessarily to the extremes in which some are committed.

Great point. This game appears to be making such behavior acceptable.

rockleex3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Rape in porn GLORIFIES rape.

But in THIS rape game, if you choose to rape the girl(you have a choice), then you will get the bad ending where you die because of Karma. This game actually teaches you a lesson that rape is bad.

While in rape porn the girl somehow ALWAYS end up loving the fact that she's being raped. It somehow turns her on for some odd reason. -_-"

If a person who wants to rape girls happen to watch the rape porn, he'll be even MORE convinced that he should do it because girls love being raped! While if he plays the rape game, he'll learn about karma and it might convince him NOT to rape any girls.

Which one does more harm, the game or the porn?

n to the b3579d ago

you wrote:
"...I find legitimate reasons for rape to be few and far in between.....where sometimes other acts of violence might be of necessity..."

sounds like you're making a similar point to Tony's in the Open Zone that violencing (shooting, exploding, dismembering, etc.) bad guys is not the same as violencing (raping) innocents.

here's part of my response to that:
"...the 'bad guys' in video games are pretty flat. their motivations are rarely fleshed out enough for them to be more than a socially-acceptable punching bag (because they're the 'bad guys')."

in other words, in the end it's the action & violence that's more important and the bad guys are only made out to be bad guys so we have someone to kill IMO. the bad guys' point of view hardly matters so it's often just mindless killing anyway.

hope that makes sense. I wrote more over there >>> if you're interested...

NeoBasch3579d ago

Sometimes rape can be shown to elicit certain emotions. For example if you've seen the third animated movie in the Kara no Kyoukai series, a school girl is raped by a group of thugs down in the basement of some bar. The scene had plenty to do with the story, but the questions still arise. Why show it? The answer is because the creators wanted you to see it. They expect a negative response to the scene. It shows you care for the victim. It gets you involved. Those emotions are needed for the experience. Later in the movie you find out this wasn't just the first time either. They did it every week for God knows how long. The movie wouldn't be the same without these two scenes.

RememberThe3573579d ago

You don't hear me speaking out against rape movies because I don't goto movie blogs or websites. If I did and there was a piece about a rape movie then I'd speak out against it.

But of course you jump to a conclusion and assume that I have a double standard. I do not. I think that sex scenes should be allowed in videogames just like they're allowed in movies.

"No one here should be defending any kind of profiteering of rape".

This is not pertaining to videogames in particular, but any kind of profiteering.

Your putting video games on a social platform where it doesn't belong. This is not a subject of civil rights, so don't compare the two. Your so stuck on defending video games that you don't see that your just being a fanboy and blindly defending a game I doubt you'll ever even touch. If this was a movie I'm sure you'd me saying how wrong this is, but since it's a videogame it's ok.

My friend, I am not the hypocrite, you are.

I really want you to think hard about a movie that is considered OK, in the states, that glorifies rape. Name one. Then get back to me.

I don't have a double standard like you so ignorantly assumed. The difference between me and you is that I don't have a double standard.

Matpan3579d ago

I agree... I don´t see games pushing people to have a determinate behaviour.. If a violent game can turn you violent(and surely a violent movie, dialogue with someone or just anything that looks violent will encourage violent behaivour)... then lad, you have some issues...

there are movies where people get raped, there are comic books where people get raped... games are no exception.

theKiller3579d ago

say this game is not worst than killing games!


stephen20053578d ago


Well, he said in this article and the other one that the rape games are what did I get wrong???

It's not just him. It's the fact that most people on this N4G think this game is fine and not at all f**ked up. WTF? One guy replied "This rape game is fun, I hope they make more"....and he got more agrees than disagrees....

I'm sorry, but if you have nothing else better to do with her life than play and defend a game about someone raping a MOTHER and her DAUGHTERS, then I don't want to know about you. Go out, get some friends, a girlfriend maybe, there is more to life...

DrJones3578d ago

I COMPLETELY agree! More agrees than disagrees on "raping is fun?"

Now I am ... really shocked here. This isn't normal human beings visiting these forums, but ...

Let me get this straight, i thought that you shouldn't judge gamers solely as anti social inbred freaks, but when I see such acceptance of the cruelest, most psychopathic, vile, hideous an sociopathic acts, I surely lose confidence in this crowd.

Immature, basement dwelling, teen sized brains still sucking on their mothers tits, seems to dwell in the gaming crowd and it is surely not without reason why games and gamers in general are much frowned upon by some people in the society.

You have no idea of the horror victims of rape have to endure. Both during and the long term after effects. It very often RUIN their lives forever.

Shame on you for being completely twisted, amoral and backward developed in your mind.

P.S This is only aimed at the sympathizers of rape.

xabmol3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

You are an idiot.

All I have EVER said is that if it's allowed in BOOKS and FILM it should be allowed in GAMES. Double standards are not cool.

The end.

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ogwilson3579d ago

This article is completely opinionated. It's not about the actual news that RapeLay is out there, but it contains the views of an AnalogHype writer about the types of things RapeLay is promoting in Japan, and whether or not he thinks it's gone too far. Sorry, but noone's copying anyone.

Wizeguy213579d ago

You can't blame the whole of japan for this!

If you don't like it don't play it!

Scelestus3579d ago

It's such a strong word.
I think it's more like "surprise-sex-lay".

Sibs3579d ago

It's only rape if you don't say surprise.

DrJones3578d ago

What kinda freak are you? How about I come over and "suprise-sex-lay" in the ass right now? How would you feel about that?

No? You wouldn't like that?

JustinSaneV23579d ago

Speaking of living in caves...

Fresh out of Japan? People have been talking about this for a month or two now.

jmare3579d ago

Know what's even worse?

Here's a review from 2006

velaxun3579d ago

game's been out since '04

YoMeViet3579d ago

RapeLay is okay, not really that great as a "rape" simulation game. It's not even a "rape" game really, b/c later on they want you to bang em so not "forced". I've seem movies twice as worst as this with rape/murder/gore/etc and the animation is terrible! Most of the time the guy's thing pokes somewhere around the girl's belly, seems to pass through the body somehow.

After a two hours it made me realize, rape is boring, so the opposite effect?