Strawdog Studio in profile

One of the curiousities of the pre-recession games industry in the UK was the large number of small – really small – developers busying themselves with outsource work in the Midlands.

While much talk was on sending assets and code to India and China, many of these little studios were quietly, invisibly, taking care of a large amount of work that wanted to be kept inside these Isles.

Strawdog was one of them. It was formed in May 2004, with staff members coming from studios such as Free Radical, Blitz, Eurocom and even from outside the industry.

But prior to the official founding, many of the team had been working together in their spare time on a concept called Bugs of War. It was the excitement around this project, a third-person action game for the PlayStation 2, that inspired the team to leave secure jobs and start anew.

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