Stringer: High Price Could Be PS3's Weak Spot

In a yet to be aired television interview, Sony chairman and CEO Sir Howard Stringer has commented on the still somewhat controversial pricing of the PlayStation 3, admitting that if the console fails it will be because Sony positioned the system as the 'Mercedes' of the the video game console market.

The PlayStation 3, which is available in $499 or $599 models, has been called out in the past by the executive as a gamble for Sony, though this latest interview with PBS televsion program CEO Exchange stands out as remarkably candid, with Stringer noting that "if we fail, it is because we positioned PS3 as the Mercedes of the video game field."

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Azurite4762d ago

Couldn't have said better myself :)

Rasputin20114762d ago

"High Price Could Be PS3's Weak Spot"....COULD be the weak spot?..geez that Stringers is a rocket scientist.

HandShandy4762d ago

You won't be the ones paying for it, your mothers will get you one at Christmas.

THAMMER14762d ago

WTF we know the PS3 cost too [email protected] much. HANDSHADY I buy my own games for my whole family. I would not buy any child under the age of 16 a $600.00 video games console. When my kids get to be 16 years old I will tell them they need to work for some thing that cost that much.

The Cloud Theory4762d ago

It only costs that much because it has more. I mean, if any other game console had blu-ray, then wouldn't they cost a lot also?!?!

techie4762d ago

Duh. FOr a console to do well it has to be an impulse buy. But then again its always been that way - sales of a consle hit a high when they are in their 4th year (especially for PS consoles). This will be different for the Wii...I expect it to go down. Well actually if it started so low, maybe the Wii's price will be $20 in 4 years time...

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