Beyond Good and Evil 2 to be bigger and more immersive

Gamezine: Michel Ancel of Ubisoft reveals the philosophy behind Beyond Good and Evil 2, in addition to when the game might release.

The game will feature lots of returning characters, since the team want to retain the spirit of the first game. Despite this, the general presentation will be to a much higher standard. This is because the first game was meant to be more cinematic and they pitched the game as such, but when they got hold of the PlayStation 2's Emotion Engine they found it couldn't live up to their expectations. Therefore, they had to limit their vision.

With the current generation the team can create the game they originally wanted to, so in reality, it might look like a different game, but Beyond Good and Evil 2 is the game they always wanted to make.

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xabmol3485d ago

BG&E was a very good game and I have high hopes for #2.

CaseyRyback_CPO3485d ago

I wonder if they will run into the same DVD limitations.

techie3485d ago

That's if it's on Xbox 360.

Mcrmarcher3485d ago

Sweet loved the first, good time to be a gamer =P

BIOSHOT3485d ago

i never play the first one.was it good guys?

Mcrmarcher3485d ago

yea real good game, at the time I was expecting something average but dam did i get one hell of a surprise. you should try to get a copy.

techie3485d ago

Sounds so exciting :D But sad it's so far out :( sounds like 2011 :(

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