AnalogHype Impressions: PS3 Firmware 2.70 is out, and fans are fed up.

Quentyn from AnalogHype writes: Recently, there were some rumors going around about what could be in Firmware 2.70. An interview with a Home space developer suggested that a future update would include cross-game voice chat and messaging. Of course, she never said it would be the next update, but Sony fans interpreted it this way anyway. Needless to say, Firmware 2.70 released shortly thereafter (available now upon signing into the network) and did not include the new anticipated voicing features. Read on for what I thought about what it has to offer, as well as a video overviewing the new firmware.


Updated article intro: Recently, there were some rumors going around about what could be in Firmware 2.70. A blog post comment made by a Home Community Manager suggested that a future update would include cross-game voice chat and messaging. Of course, she never said it would be the next update, but Sony fans interpreted it this way anyway. Needless to say, Firmware 2.70 released shortly thereafter (available now upon signing into the network) and did not include the new anticipated voicing features. Read on for what I thought about what it has to offer, as well as a video overviewing the new firmware.


The author has this comment to say about the premises of the article/information:

I've since updated the article intro with the accurate information about the origin of the rumors. However, note that in the article's body I did provide accurate information. The character limit was a guesstimate: 20, 33, who cares? I didn't care enough to count each little character and 33 is still just as miserable as 20. At point C, I did not create this rumor, I'm only expounding on it. And for point B, she later clarified, it doesn't change the fact that at first she did say that all 3 of those features would be released in a later update. The original specifically stated that it should be an XMB feature, meaning system wide. CydoniaX should have made that clearer in her original response.

Thanks for playing, try again next year.

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taco_tom2373577d ago

i don't know if this was mentioned but when u download patches it tells u how much time is left until its done

solidjun53577d ago

He was downloading the new KZ2 patch and it came up. I thought that was neat feature. It's minor but I think it's great.

blackboyunltd3577d ago

revolt ps3 owners! get your pitch forks ready

xabmol3576d ago


Two people here need to grow a sense of humor. >.>

ogwilson3577d ago

Yes I also noticed that. I had never seen it until now, so I figured it was new, but I didn' see it in the list of updates so I made no mention of it. Thanks for clarifying it's a new feature

DragonWarrior_43577d ago

Dude, voice chat is coming sooner then yall think. The voice/video chat icon is already there, all thats left if for them to implement that and then we should have cross game video voice chat by the next update. It can be soon then later considering thats all thats left for psn to be on par if not better then xbox live. Im not a fanboy, but who can disagree with the fact that having 6 people in a video chat while your playing video games is better then 8 person voice chat but only one person video chat? I only play with up to 5 or 6 people at the most, and that is rarely.

Johnny Rotten3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

"An interview with a Home space developer suggested that a future update would include cross-game voice chat and messaging".

This wasn't an interview, it was a comment made in a HOME blog post about the communication in HOME, later they corrected themselves to make sure people were not thinking it was about a firmware update.

This right here should be a perfect example on how things get carried away.

sonarus3577d ago

I have no significant interest in cross game chat or whatever

What i want is a subscription based service for movie rentals from the video store. I don't care if they charge double what netflix charges. I want subscription service.

PS3 as of right now has all the features i need to enjoy my gaming. This summer i plan to take advantage of netflix offerings on my 360. Which is kind of ironic when you think about someone owning PS3 and 360 yet 360 is just for movies lol

facepalm3577d ago

::sarcasm mode on::
YEAH!! Let's go rape Sony for giving us free features that may be useful to some people!!

And let's praise the media for hyping this all the way to the moon and back, even though their information is incorrect and say things like "The fans are fed up" even though the "fans" that are on the boards and forums thought the update was good.

Down with Sony!! Down free service and features!!
::sarcasm mode off::

Seriously...the only thing I'm fed up is the media putting up so many articles these articles about this updates. If you don't like what is given then sell back your PS3, buy an X360 and enjoy yourself... You don't need to rain on the majority's parade for you being unsatisfied.

na2ru13577d ago

It's no longer found in the Inbox. It now shows up above your friends list and below Message Box. It also shows their avator.

Sarcasm3577d ago

I think a chatroom is a start, having 15 of your friends all chatting up in there is pretty cool.

And it didn't cost me a single penny

lordgodalming3577d ago

Carried away, maybe. But not surprising. This is the fun-loving website that brought us recent tripe such as "Killzone 2 Cannot Save the PS3"

and "Killzone 2 demo disappoints,will the full game follow suit?"

Oh, and what do you know, they're owned by MTV, a subsidiary of Viacom. I thought we were past this.

Jinxstar3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

People seem to think Cross game chat is the biggest deal in the world. They seem to think it is the main reason Xbox live is worth 5 $ a month and PSN is a hunk of Junk. No mention of it being free. No mention of it being accessible and and no mention of it having it having dedicated servers. I have cross game chat on PC. It's called Ventrillo. I never use it. I had cross game chat on 360. I never used it. I think most people in a game on PSN would rather talk to those in the game... If you want to chat outside a game you can. With video too... Without a monthly fee... When Cross game chat comes out will people truly recognize PSN as being better. Because if that one stupid feature, that will be incredibly underused by the way, is why it is ZOMG FAIL BOX then they can keep it. I'd rather jump in a 32 vs 32 match on resistance, on dedicated servers, free, anyday then care about "Cross game chat"...

Edit: Article reported as lame.

GWAVE3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Stuff like this just goes to show how the media is stacked against the PS3, despite any progress or improvements it makes.

Some random post promises some features, and then Sony gets slammed when it doesn't deliver on something they never promised. Kotaku blows Sony's "OMFG! Super amazing announcement!" on Tuesday way out of proportion, and when Sony simply announces a price drop for the PS2, these same sites shake their heads and say "Oh Sony. You keep disappointing". And of course, haters continue to rag on Sony for Killzone 2 because 3 pixels in some random corner of the game supposedly didn't match the 2005 E3 target render, even though it is the best looking console game to date according to dozens and dozens of reviews.

Why don't we call MS or Nintendo out on their BS? What about the numerous times MS claimed the RRoD was fixed (or didn't exist at all)? What about the numerous times Nintendo said "we're not abandoning our hardcore fans with the Wii"? What about the bullshots EPIC gave the media for BOTH Gears 1 and Gears 2, yet when BOTH games failed to live up to those screenshots, no one made a peep. I could go on and on, yet Sony keeps getting hit with flak.

SoapShoes3577d ago

Extremely happy that there is a dynamic normalizer finally? I've wanted one on PS3 ever since PSP got it. Now I don't have to turn up the volume on certain songs and down on others. It makes in-game music better.

Why dis3577d ago

No one has ever thought that the PS3 may not be capable of some of the 360's features?

Genesis53577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

What is this over powering urge to talk to somebody while you are both playing different games? I just don't get that at all. As an adult gamer I have many ways people can contacted me while at home or work. While I'm gaming I want to be gaming not talking.

UnwanteDreamz3577d ago

The only thing I am fed up with is these stupid articles.

Sony can keep throwing me free updates to a free service that I enjoy. Some people wont be happy no matter what. The media and 12 year old fanpeople hype crap up and then freak out when their hopes are dashed. Me, I was playing KZ last night and hardly noticed their was an update.

For those who have had a PS3 for a while ask yourself how much has PSN changed in 2 years? What do you expect in the next 2 years? I for one know I wont be disappointed.

y0haN3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

To be honest I am pretty sick of how non-unified the service is compared to Live or the PC. Forcing developers to make their own friends systems, voice systems for each game rather than Sony making its own core one for the system with APIs (like with Xbox Live or Steam and Steamworks). This means a lot of devs don't bother or don't have the resources to make a system as good as possible, and the experience online is a lot more messy than it should be. Get your head back in the game Sony, I still love you..

The Lazy One3576d ago

xbl can have dedicated servers -_-. It's the developer's choice how they want to support their online gaming.

Stop coddling sony. Make sure they know how much you want the features at least. Just like I'm vocal on M$ boards about how they should have a way to rate XNA games, or that my friend had to pay for RROD before the 3 year extension, or that party chat should be possible, or that they should have clan support.

Contentment slows advancement.

Jinxstar3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )


You know dude. I feel they are concentrating on games right now. I won't right out the list as I know you've seen it. I don't care about cross game chat. Truly I don't. I am content with the online. It's free, easy and there are very few problems. We have dedicated servers and everything else... i understand what you mean in that we as gamers should always demand more but they have already given me enough features I don't care much about like "Home". Great concept, lots of people use it, I could care less honestly. They give me more then I ask for and I get my money's worth everytime I log on... I'm not coddeling them I'm just happy with what I have and too me a "chat channel' is already more then I will ever care to use on PSN... I had 6 way video chat already... What do I really need to coordinate with 15 people for across text chat... Great that they added it. Awesome but I wont use it... I don't think many will. MSGing is fine too me.

MS says they can have dedicated servers. why don't they? Whats holding them back? Why are 360 fans paying for a product that is outdone on many levels by a free service... I feel every single game on 360 should have dedicated servers. Why don't exclusives like Halo 3 or Gears 2 have them? At the very least. Resistance, Warhawk and all the Sony first party games have them...

phosphor1123576d ago

What is it the PS3 can't do that the 360 do? Tell me.

The Lazy One3576d ago

They do have dedicated servers....


Jinxstar3576d ago


What does? Halo 3 and gears 2?

halo 3 doesn't as per

As Per Epic Forums No dedicted servers in Gears 2 either...


so what are you saying? Were you too Lazy to look it up? The 360 as far as I know has no dedicated servers. Show me please. Honestly I would like to see some. i can link you plenty of PS3 ones. Just look at Warhawks(Try googleing). They are damn cool =D.

The only game I could see maybe having dedicated servers on the 360 is FFXI but I doubt it as well as there is very little need in that MMO.

The Lazy One3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Stop disagreeing with me because you're too lazy to do some research.

Frontlines uses dedicated servers on XBL, UT3 uses dedicated servers, Battlefield Bad Company uses dedicated servers, and I'm pretty sure LOTR conquest and a lot of other EA games (madden, FIFA, NBA LIVE, etc) use dedicated servers.

edit to save bubbles:
understandable. I do see how you argue that PS3 is focusing more on games, and I would say that's a valid viewpoint as well. Especially after the Data Fly interview where they said there wasn't a market for creative games on 360 (which is BS. Just cuz there aren't any doesn't mean we don't want them. Braid sold really well for that reason.).

I just don't like it when people say that 360 can't have dedicated servers, when a lot of games do use them.

Jinxstar3576d ago

Good show. I agree. Thanks for that. Bubs for you and all that. Strange how they do it for UT3 and not Gears... Oh well. I do appreciate that and wont make comments like that anymore. Everything else I said I still believe holds true but you have educated me. I appreciate that.

Jinxstar3576d ago

I can understand that and once again sorry for all that "Calling out" or what not.

There is a market but with Piracy and other things it may feel to dev's to be less... I don't know though. I am no Dev... I have no clue what they really mean by all that.

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