Jumpgate Evolution Specs Announced

Codemasters Online and NetDevil have announced the system specs required to play Jumpgate Evolution.

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thetamer3486d ago

Finally, now we know what we need to blow up alien f*krs in space.

AndyA3486d ago

Intel P4 1.4GHz? Good luck with that.

Leord3486d ago

It's a lot lower than some games, and will likely be a pain to play. still not something I can match =(

Cogo3486d ago

Hehe, that will be interesting...

Pennywise3486d ago

1.4?? My 5 year old PC triples that.

Fyzzu3486d ago

Thank God for low specs. I do love that MMOs tend to cater for the lowest spec possible, just so that they can get more players...

Malfurion3486d ago

Disappointed in the low spec requirements too, doesn't bode well for the gameplay.

I know they don;t want another Age of Conan situation, with people not being able to play the game unless they have top spec PCs, but come on, all gamers have better machines than P4s now don't they?

Leord3486d ago

Even if they are quite low, I'm still f*cked =(

Cogo3486d ago

Are these final?

It's hard to know if they have tried to take the minimum MINIMUM stats or not. Most likely you need a lot better PC to run without hitches. WoW was like that on my old machine.

Leord3486d ago

Oh noes, looks like a need a completely new PC...

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