Silicon Graphics goes out of business

Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), best known for creating the OpenGL programming interface, has filed for bankruptcy. OpenGL is the only main competitor to Microsoft's Direct3D and is used in virtually all computer systems that aren't running on Mircosoft operating systems.

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Vault Boy3489d ago

Whoa, that sucks. Who's next, Apple? Jeez...

Twizlex3489d ago

Probably not Apple. Too many ipods for that to happen.

L80BelfDK3489d ago

Not Apple? Why not? It could be anybody these days. Hell, it could be Microsoft or Sony!

BTW, that picture is pure win lol.

IdleLeeSiuLung3489d ago

Apple is a great profit generating company thanks to its ability to overcharge products. It is going no where!

On the other hand, I'm sad to see SGI go. They used to be a big name in the tech industry, mostly in the 90s though.

DeadlyFire3489d ago

Silly people. If anything this means that Silicon Graphics is up for bids among the community. There are hundreds of companies that I can see buying this company. Open GL won't die.

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Cookigaki3489d ago

Cookigaki did not know that Silicon Graphics made opengl. Very strange.

h0tz0rz3489d ago

Learn something new everyday, eh cookie face?

Milk is for Babies3489d ago

That's funny because I knew they made OpenGL but I didn't know they did the special effects for Jurassic Park. That's crazy!

Leathersoup3489d ago

They didn't do the special effects for Jurassic Park, they made the computers that the special effects were rendered with.

GVON3489d ago

I'm sure they used to do the GFX chips for nintendo,but I thought ATI picked them up.Also I think the were involved with maya,I'm convinced in version 7had their name on it somewhere.

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thereapersson3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

This is HORRIBLE news! What will become of OpenGL now?

ZuperAmazingCooKie3489d ago

So people will still be able to use the already released and standardized implementations on the languages they know. AS for the future, who knows, this might be the best thing to happen to Open GL. Linux comes in tons of different flavors, and perhaps something like that could happen to Open GL. There could be an OpenGL Community (isn't there already?) that decides the way that the best features should be implemented upon the main versions of it or something like that.

Ju3489d ago

OpenGL is already managed by the Khronos Group (non profit organization). OpenGL is save.

Vault Boy3489d ago

OpenGL isn't open source, it's open standard. Companies still have to pay for the license.

TheBand1t3489d ago


): They made awesome Velociraptors.

Twizlex3489d ago

They made awesome lots of stuff. I just hope OpenGL doesn't disappear because we know how microsoft gets when they have no competition.

thereapersson3489d ago

Completely agree there; not to mention the fact that OpenGL works well with 3D performance even on machines that aren't exactly up to the technological par.


Actually not. They made naked Deinonychus. Velociraptors were way smaller and dromeosauridae in general had feathers. A giant chicken.

3489d ago
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