Left 4 Dead user created campaigns will be supported, SDK close to release

Valve has unveiled details on Left 4 Dead's SDK, their apparent support of third-party campaigns, and some upcoming additions and changes to matchmaking for the game's Versus mode.

The game's software development kit will release soon after the Survival Pack update arrives on April 21st.

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Slinger4203513d ago

I love Left4Dead and Valve is freakin awesome. I can't wait for this DLC!!!

EnglishPatriot3513d ago

Cant wait for the survival pack its gonna be awesome!

Arcturus3513d ago

been waiting for this SDK forever so we can finally get some good community maps.

Tarmgar3513d ago

I quit playing L4D a while now. But with fan generated campaigns, you can bet your sweet @s$ I'll be coming back to this game.