Game Informer: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Review

Multiplayer is closest to Unreal Tournament in flavor (complete with tough-voiced narrator) and includes standards like deathmatch, capture the flag, and close quarters arena matches. And Butcher Bay Riot pits three teams against each other for control of a power cell. All of these match types are entirely solid, but Pitch Black mode is the only one that captures the unique Riddick gameplay. Up to five players pursue Riddick in total darkness with only their flashlights to guide them. The Riddick player can see in the dark and kills up close with his Ulaks. Although the Riddick role is constantly shifting, it's still quite fun to be on either side of the flashlight. Consider it one more reason to buy one of the year's best deals in gaming.

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ThatCanadianGuy3489d ago

Nice score.Im a little surprised.Had low expectations for this

Dark_Overlord3489d ago

the demo was horrendously bad, no way does this deserve a 9.5

STONEY43489d ago

Did you ever play the first one on PC?

Slinger4203489d ago

Gave this game a 7.4 and that's a pretty big difference. Let's all not forget that Game informer gave Assasins Creed a 9.5(like the game was near perfect, lol) and Killzone 2 a 8.75(Thats a joke and we all know it) Halo Wars 9.25(LMAO)

Nicknasty3489d ago

Ok guys, you cannot go by the demo. You have got to experience Butcher Bay first of all on the disc. Ive played it on xbox and it was seriously the best game for that console as far as im concerned. Dark Athena is an all new game on the disc which will be a great game, but not as classic as Butcher Bay. I would recommend buying this game for Butcher Bay alone especially if youve never played it before. It is one of the best FPS stealth games period and i think ive played just about all of em. To play Butcher Bay in HD alone is worth it, even if youve already experienced it on xbox. You cannot go by ign either, they already reviewed this game 5 yrs ago for the xbox and it received an 8.5, its an amazing game that everyone needs to experience. Its fast paced and very intense and holds up nicely with todays modern games, trust me. Do not go buy the crappy demo, running down 1 stupid lookin hallway does not even cut it.