GTA IV: Pushing people down steps

GTA IV just keeps on giving. It's been out for a whole year and GamesRadar is still finding hours and hours of entertainment in little things. Like... pushing people down steps.

The Euphoria engine allows pedestrians to react realistically to forces from any direction. Which means a gentle nudge on the steps (or a less gentle thwack with a baseball bat) will send them tumbling arse over tit. It really shouldn't be as fun as it is but it kept them amused for ages. Especially when they say things like 'Aw, Hell, I don't need this!"

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SoapShoes3490d ago

I got bored of this game after one day of renting it. I haven't been interested in GTA since Vice City. I lost interest when it was clear they would be doing the same thing over and over again in a different wrapper.

Alcohog3490d ago

Pushing people down the stairs was pretty entertaining. I wish there were a ridiculously large set of stairs in the game. That would be some good stuff.

DaTruth3490d ago

Nobody really gave this game a chance. You can screw around like this for 100 hours just doing $hit like this. The drive-by mechanic is also pretty good. I drive backwards for hours just destroying police and their cars.

Cajun Chicken3490d ago

You can also tread over people to death!