Medal of Honor: Airborne - Character Graphics Demo Pic

What you're looking at here (see Image section below for high-res version) is a technical shot of Travers provided by character modeler Eoin Colgan. This is a shot to showcase the level of detail you can expect from the characters in MoHA. This shot is made from game assets – it's game geometry and game-resolution textures. It's also about as clean as a character shot gets – no blooms, no environment effects, no hiding in shadows, and no fake environment pasted in behind him.

Marriot VP6297d ago

this vs. call of doubt the winner will be COD3

Cyclonus6295d ago

but while COD3 is celebrating the W, BIA:HH sneaks up behind it and order its squad to open fire....


Medal of Honor: Airborne Redux Mod released, features FOV options, better leaning, tweaked AI & more

Medal of Honor: Airborne Redux is an overhaul mod that aims to remaster this flawed, ambitious FPS game up to modern standards.

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Revisiting Medal of Honor: Airborne

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Medal of Honor: Airborne was the 11th installment in the series that aimed to redefine the shooter franchise and the World War II shooter by doing something different with it."

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Nesflix2163d ago

This game was great all the way up to the end when they introduced some supernatural elements.


Medal of Honor Airborne now free to download on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Neil writes "It’s usually priced at £19.99, but for the next two weeks, Medal of Honor Airborne on Xbox 360 and Xbox One can be grabbed for nothing - all you need to do is thank the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for October 2017."

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C-H-E-F2167d ago

Medal Of Honor would've been a great series but they set it up to failure by launching it when BF(insert number) came out. They did the same crap with Titanfall last year. IDK wtf EA be thinking at times, why not have one launch in the fall the other in the spring boosh now you have the WHOLE year covered.

Mulando2167d ago

The problem was, they released a really bad Medal of Honor game.
But maybe someday this game franchise will be used again, but well .. currently there are way to many shooters out there.

C-H-E-F2167d ago

Yea agreed, only time will tell, i'm still hoping and praying for a Socom reboot. :(

Ausbo2167d ago

This game was not “Bad” in anyway. It just couldn’t compete with COD and other shooters out there

Father__Merrin2167d ago

no its not free to download its part of the xbox live gold subscription. my idea of free to download is when they gave away rainbow six vegas 360. thats what you call a free game they have given away

OldGuyStillGaming2167d ago

You’re bringing up old shit for whatever reason
But as everyone already knows all the 360 titles you keep even once you stop your gold subscription
So yes it’s free as long as you’re a subscriber

InTheLab2167d ago

Old but one of the best shooters ever made in the military campaign style. Open ended with multiple objectives and leveling up weapons. For it's time, this game should have brought back MoH but the modern era ruined it!