A Street Fighter IV Shit Storm Shortage: If the Prime Minister can say it so can I…

OXCGN writer Aaron Bertinetti describes what a 'shit storm' is, provides an example of it's popularity in modern culture (The Prime Minister uses it!) and goes on to detail the shit storm that is the Street Fighter IV shortage in Australia and New Zealand, and his epic quest to obtain a copy of the much wanted game.

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Immortal Kaim3483d ago

I live in Aus. I ordered my copy from CDWOW for $65 dollars, better than paying $99

ErcsYou3483d ago

Did Aus get any joysticks? there is a major shortage of joysticks in the US..

Godem3483d ago

not that I really care about SF4... but yeah it sucks when games become rare very early and you dont have your copy yet.

BUT for those that have it, its a great time to sell :)

Superfragilistic3483d ago

Yeah I've got two copies for an odd reason and have thought about offing one... I also had a PlayAsia pre order delayed. :( Hence the two copies now sitting with me.

XboxOZ3603483d ago

No joy on the Joysticks mate, won't be here until late April or even May or June.

Australia's required amount is small so we end up on the very end of a long line when it comes to gear like that. As sales are not huge, so manufacturers tend not to want to spend big money sending gear here, or local wholesalers can't get the return for their investment.

Simple supply and demand thing unfortunately. Yes. many would love one, but a hundred ppl wanting one doesn't make for any sort of importation viable. A sad but true fact of life.

Superfragilistic3483d ago

Nah the joysticks are sold out till like June/July... but thankfully we have tanksticks which I reckon are just as good if not better! :)

XboxOZ3603483d ago

No more tanks available now - for the moment that is . . they are undergoing a huge rebuild . . . So stay tuned to OXCGN for some exclusive news on that front though . . .

gaminoz3483d ago

I think Fallout 3 is also getting in short supply because of the whole Red Ant going into liquidation thing...

darkmurder3483d ago

Couldn't be more spot on.