The9 Games Development Steps Up A Notch

It has emerged that along with developing their own MMO, The9 is hiring another 100 people to begin development on more games, and that it intends to release two or three of its own titles every year.

It's unlikely these games they will rival anything The9 already operate for other developers such as World of Warcraft, but will companies like Blizzard think twice before renewing their contracts with The9 due to a possible conflict of interest?

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Maticus3489d ago

Yikes, no WoW for them next year then :P

Leord3489d ago

There are already rumours of The9 possibly losing the contract on WoW, so this might be a move they make to prepare for possibly losing wow, or to at least not be that dependant on WoW for survival.

Cogo3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I don't think they will be that harsh, in all honesty. They probably don't care much, and The9 would likely not have started work on anything if it had any chance to make Blizzard pissed off.

It could also be a last minute action, just to stay alive...

Cogo3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Edit: Sorry. Double post

Leord3489d ago

I think the latter. Might be their once chance to survive.

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Leord3489d ago

Oooh, they ditant! ;)

It will be most interesting to see what Blizzard will do.

Medievaldragon3489d ago

Very likely. They would be competing with WoW if they are planning two or more titles on their own. That doesn't sound very ethic. One thing is to serve other publishers such as EA, Namco and Hanbitsoft, and a different story is to create and launch your own games.

Leord3489d ago

Not sure about the ethics, but I doubt there are any laws against this...

Fyzzu3489d ago

Hm. They may have shot themselves in the foot a bit here, though I can follow their thinking.

Cogo3489d ago

"Their thinking" as in they don't want to have one single income, and be 100% dependant on Blizzard? Yeah, I can see that too :P

Dorjan3489d ago

They can't just have WoW as their income surely?

AndyA3489d ago

"It's unlikely these games they will rival anything The9 already operate for other developers such as World of Warcraft"

Well, we won't know until they release something.

Maticus3489d ago

If they're releasing 2 or 3 of these games a year, they're not going to be great, let's face it.