GamerTM: Red Dead Redemption First Look

With the 360 now knocking on three years old and with only two western games to show for it – Call of Juarez and Gun, neither of which being anything more than middling efforts – it seems people have been left high and dry. However, there may be hope on the horizon in the form of Red Dead Redemption, which is thundering towards the 360 with the ferocity of a full cavalry charge. Although details are sketchy at the moment, Rockstar's title isn't without pedigree.

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I loved Red Dead Revolver, somebody stole that game from me, but man it was great. This is sure to be just as good, or better. More info needed

Rhezin3486d ago

LOVED Red Dead Revolver. You could play as different characters throughout the game and host a whole assortment of different weapons.