Nintendo Power Silent Hill Shattered Memories Scans

Hell Descent writes: The newly announced Silent Hill game has made some of an uproar in the Silent Hill fan community, but maybe reading the article for yourselves will convince you. There are a slew of new features in this remake re-imagining and it will out do the original (Hides from rabid fans) or just make us cry.

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qface643512d ago

the game itself looks nice i can't get wait

but i got a movie like vibe from it and that scares me :[

addnewman3512d ago

omg just reading that scared the crap out of me
i love horror games on the wii (even though theres only been like 1)
i feel so much more immersed in it so it scares the crap out of me
definately getting this game day 1
i just really hope this doesnt come out the same time fatal frame does otherwise i will die :S

kewlkat0073512d ago

Good thing I held unto it.

bob saget remix3512d ago

A decent wii title!!!!! OMG

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