Eternal Sonata - New In-Game Footage in HD

Gamespot shared some time with Stephanie Fernandez, a Namco-Bandai localization specialist who was kind enough to share some very nice looking in-game footage of their upcoming title, Eternal Sonata, in which the fantastic art direction and vast color palette immediatly catch the eye. They also give details about the story of the game.

The video is available in both standard and high definition.

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XxZxX6031d ago

this game does look good. I will probably getting it if the overall reviews are good.

gogators6031d ago

then I would certainly consider jumping in. I would like to see what the developers can do with this kind of concept.

chitown6031d ago

the 360 has so many god damn games that r of high quality! its not even funny any more.i havent even heard of this game before and by seeing the video it looks pretty good


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Segata2240d ago

Xenoblade X felt like Avatar as a game visually. The art in that series is amazing.


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2352d ago
MultiConsoleGamer2352d ago

It's crazy to think that Uncharted came out so long ago. I replayed the series last year as part of the Nathan Drake Collection, and the game felt brand new again, even after all these years. Such an enduring franchise.

jokerman272352d ago

I agree, I played all of them, included the Vita game last year just for funsies and they are amazing!

2352d ago
2352d ago
ShwaaMan2352d ago

Seriously, no Bioshock, Orange Box, or Modern Warfare on this list?

jokerman272351d ago

I could only pick 7 ;) They were hard to pick and MW was barely edged out by Halo 3.