GoNintendo 'End Of Day' Thoughts - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Lacks Combat...Good Or Bad Move?

GoNintendo Writes:

"GoNintendo pretty much knew a Silent Hill game was coming to the Wii, even if Climax/Konami wanted to pretend that it wasn't happening. The thing is, I'm blown away by all the new ideas that this 'reimagination' of the first title is taking on. One of the most interesting (in my opinion) has to do with the lack of combat.

When I think of Silent Hill games, the combat isn't at the top of my list. Swinging a pipe and shooting a gun is just fine, but it's not what makes Silent Hill a memorable series. When I think of what the franchise brings to the table, it's all those moments when your mind is playing tricks on you. Dark hallways, scary noises, shadows slipping by, enemies slinking at the end of a hallway. It's all those freaky elements that come together into a whirlwind of paranoia. When you actually make contact with these enemies in order to do away with them, all that suspense is automatically squashed."

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