GamesRadar: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review

Sadly, Red Alert 3 is the latest console RTS to be hamstrung by fiddly controls. It's a crying shame, because if any strategy series could solve the problem of real-time management using a DualShock and a sharp military mind, you'd bet on the genre-defining Command and Conquer.

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jessehaysfl3514d ago

the controls are fine.....its easy

Microsoft Xbox 3603514d ago


Man I love this game. Just bought it the other day and I'm addicted.

Who said RTS on consoles don't work? Yeah they don't work if you go against someone playing on the PC. But in the console world, everything in an RTS is equal because you'll be playing against people using the controller as well. The controls in RA3 is really easy to use.

Microsoft Xbox 3603514d ago

PS3. If you want to do a co-op match or skirmish let me know.

jessehaysfl3514d ago

that was a joke by the way

jessehaysfl3514d ago

ohh snap yeah add me well tear it up

psn jessehaysfl

Lanontscuz3514d ago

the controls are fine ...i like this game alot ...just about to finish the soviet part of the game ....