IGN AU: Red Faction: Guerrilla Demo AU Hands-On

IGN AU writes: "Most of you have probably seen all sorts of cool footage from Red Faction: Guerrilla, but we're to tell you, it's impossible to truly appreciate the sheer awesomeness of the destruction in this game until you've wielded it yourself. Pick up that sledgehammer! Bring it smashing down into a brick wall, chunking it apart with the sheer force of Alec Mason's mighty pecs (or whatever muscles he'd use – we're gamers, we have no idea). Pepper that building with remote charges, then step back and trigger them, and watch as the whole thing comes crumbling down. Hop behind the wheel of the biggest, heaviest mining truck you can find, then drive it straight through the nearest building."

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jessehaysfl3512d ago

so at what point do we start playing a construction demo sim?