Did Sony Give PS3 Users The Shaft Again With Firmware 2.70?

Candid Anthony of writes:

"PS3 users are left scratching their heads again after another disappointing firmware release.

With GDC 2009 in the rear view users have been speculating what features Sony would have in store for us with firmware release 2.70. Many people speculated at GDC that we might finally see some of the voice chat or party chat like options that Xbox 360 users have been enjoying for some time now.

But with todays official announcement and feature list from Sony, PS3 fans can continue to wait..."

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CrippleH3514d ago

What shaft?

getting new features are shaft now a days?
This is borderline retarded.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3514d ago

By reading the headline you'd think users actually pay an annual %50 fee to get these additional features and to play online. Good thing we don't have to pay anything to play online or to get updates and new features. Does anyone even pay a monthly fee to play online? Thank goodness no such service exists. Oh wait.

morganfell3514d ago

Websites love to blow things out of proportion and then pin the hype on Sony.

SprSynJn3514d ago

To you three for having actual sense about you. I am glad some people appreciate what Sony does for its customers.

dragunrising3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I'm not complaining. I love firmware updates. Still remember updating my PS3 and having access to trophies. Home was another good update although I got into the beta earlier.

@ Zuper

You don't have to bring Xbox Live into the equation. Since you did though I'll say: 'you get what you pay for'. I'm not saying one service is better than another mind you. I appreciate the service.

I pay $65 for Comcast a month and I recently purchased a $30 13 month subscription to Xbox Live from Amazon.. All together I pay $2.50 for Xbox Live per month and $67.50 total for Internet (approximately). I also pay my own bills and buy 1-2 games a month plus additional downloadable games from Xbox Live, PSN and WiiWare. The price debate is old people. The misinformed will also say that XBL lags but I'd like you to prove it. Gears of War 2 was the only bad example of this (in a popular game) and for the most part is patched. I'm tired of the same old fanboy arguments around here! :-p

WildArmed3514d ago

People hate when they get things for free?
If i was paying for it, then i'd expect something. But its free and awesome.

My Xbox Live is great coz i pay 4 it.. and sometiems when i dont use my 360 for awhile.. i feel like i paid for nothing..
Now i have to play online TO make sure i get my money's worth.. wtf is going on.

(no im not saying Xbox live sux. Its amazing, and so is PSN so stfu)

anh_duong3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

ironic comments from a website that says Shut the Fuk Up and Play..

maybe this website should do what it says..

the thing i hate about xbox live is if i want two account to go online on the same xbox i have to pay for both which costs a hundred bucks a year.

ReservoirDog3163514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I just found out the best thing about fw 2.70,
you can finally log into n4g through the PS3's browser

ravinash3514d ago

Yep! Sony HATES you and plans to kill your mother!

allnighthero3514d ago

Why the hell would you need more than 1 xbox live account? Sounds like your just making excuses now.

Dont BE mAdd3514d ago

this is funny..its like just because psn disappointed ps3 users once again with a lame update they have to justify by talking about it being free, at the same time indirectly bag on the service that is paid for..well that isn't going to change the fact the the paid service still outshines a free service update after update(chat rooms?)..seam like its just to promote the keypad..

who cares if psn is for FREE if it doesn't prove xbl isn't worth the price...

def could private chat since launch (which ps3 still doesn't do)lol

Sony get on the ball

anh_duong3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

allnighthero - why would i need more than 1 xbox live account?? because i have more than one person in my house and also i have friends who come round that don't have an xbox . we each have our own xbox live account. none of them are gold because i can't justify paying for both (or more) to play online.

check my profile anhduong if you don't believe me.

SL1M DADDY3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )


Candid Anthony needs to just STFU.

How anybody can take offense when something is given to you for free is beyond me.

DragonWarrior_43514d ago

Just STFUandPlay. What a douche bag.

Tempist3514d ago

DAMN THEE SONY! How dare they shaft us on free / unexpected things. I am sick and tired of getting the shaft on my free updates with out any cost to my self. This is selfish and ubsurd. How dare a company think that they can constantly provide support without cost to the user and enhance their experience with every update. They started with giving the XMB a new and better PSN store, video chat... when will this shafting madness end?

HateFanboys3513d ago

Today i got a free food sample at the mall, and it didnt have the sauce i wanted on it. So, yeah, i felt shafted, LOL! Gotta love the haters and the fiends.

Lifendz3513d ago

Allow me to check my bank statements and see how much I paid for PSN since I got my PS3 in'd said I've actually got a pretty good deal from Sony.

It's not like they said they were releasing all the features that had all of us so hyped for 2.7. It was the rumor and speculation sites, forum posts from "Sony employees," amongst other things that got things rolling. You guys can't let that crap get you going.

TheDude2dot03513d ago

PS3 users are totally getting the shaft from this update. What ever happened to amazing huge features coming out daily? Sony owes it to us to give us amazing updates, every single time they update.

Just look at Microsoft. That one update they had gave about 3 amazing features! Why can't Sony be more like that?

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sonarus3514d ago

Yup i agree 100%. I was shafted by this completely free update. I was shafted by the new features added to PS3 for free. Man oh man. I wish sony would just leave me alone and let my PS3 run like it did back on the original firmware. New features for free = Bad

New features for fee = good :D

7thNightvolley3514d ago

i would gladly pay if they would add something that i would more use or comparable to xbl service more voicing less chatting ... its a game machine not a freaking website. when my hands are busy with kicking ass on kz2 do u think i would be bothered going into stupid talk with 15 ppl.... SERIOUSLY! have u seen the carnage in kz2 multiplayer how can u go into chat rooms in that situation?... they cant be serious..

nice update and all.. but come just makes the fee on xbl not look bad at all.

sonarus3514d ago

if you played MGO, it works the same way you can trash talk in between re spawns. Like i said the most important feature in game xmb has been added. The other features will come. I have my friends on Xbox live but we never chat cross game. If we want to chat cross game we pick up cell phone but even that never happens. We only chat when we are playing the same game.

That being said i am not saying the update was great. But i don't understand why people feel so betrayed over a feature like voice chat. IMO thats just silly but then i don't care about the feature

GameScrubs3513d ago

The thing is though that I paid 600+ dollars for a machine that is giving me subpar experience. Ok it has a bunch of stuff that Xbox doesn't have right off the box.

But with that said I mean, it just seems like they rushed their product and are having a very difficult time implementing their online infrastructure.

And even though great games are coming out you can't help but wonder why is such important features that their competitors have proven good not implemented completely or at all.

Meh whatevers I'll just keep playing some Calzone and throw random spawn grenades in front of the opponents spawn grenades. \(^_^)/

Ashton3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

getting free awesome features for free every month is not called getting shafted.

on the other hand,buying a console that breaks very easily is getting shafted :P

Lookbehind3514d ago

It's called "stfu and play" ,something he otta practice.

Sarcasm3514d ago

I believe this is the same guy from TheBitBag

Any minute now you'll see Tordavis in here defending and holding hands for him like he does with HHG.

It's the usual "You guys are fanboys and morons" speech.

SixTwoTwo3514d ago

LOL so true. Bubbles for you all =)

morganfell3514d ago

Well he won't be in the Gamerzone for a few more days.

tordavis3513d ago

What Morganfail? A few days? Huh?

I don't agree with the article. PSN should be up to Xbox Live standards by next year. Give it time.

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thxkbye3514d ago

Well if you have been waiting for voice chat then I can see how you could be disappointed. But Shafted?

Sony does need to get on the ball and start adding features. All last week at GDC people seemed to think this update would be big, a lot bigger than this...