Blend Games: Project E: Exclusive Bloody-Cool CG Trailer

Blend Games Writes:

"Okay, so the game isn't due out until a long ways from now but GameHi wants to make sure gamers know that this game is coming. What better way to kick off a promotional campaign in North America than with a trailer that showcases a monster getting mutilated by a shotgun, a helicopter crash, an open battlefield scene and a camera-man in the midst of it all? Awesome is an appropriate word that comes to mind.

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xabmol3512d ago

I'm gettin a little exited here.


ThatCanadianGuy3512d ago

It's for PC only as far as i know.

xabmol3512d ago

I really don't want to have to pay a subscription fee like most pc MMO's.

I'll keep hoping that it comes to the PS3. Because while this is a good idea for a game, I really don't want to pay for more than the game it self.