Silent Hill: Shattered Dreams additional details/screenshots

Some may have seen the cover for the title and some details about the game but NintendoDpad brings you every in-game screenshot from the Nintendo Power article and additional details for the title.

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nintendohomie3512d ago

Sweet! i love the PDA camera phone idea. Very nice.Great to hear them returning to their roots with the horror.

animboo3512d ago

but when will it be release, hoping that it will be release this year..
i really love the silent hill series especially number 1..

Product3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

@ Animboo

The article says that more information will be revealed soon on the title. I would say, look for more details leading up to E3.
BTW the article also stats that this game was made for Silent Hill fans so look for this game to be total fan service.

animboo3512d ago

sorry i totally missed that..anyway looking forward to this game..

LeonSKennedy4Life3512d ago

Is Team Silent Hill doing it or someone else, like Homecoming?

hatchimatchi3512d ago

team silent doesn't make the games anymore, The development team is climax, the same people who made origins.

hatchimatchi3512d ago

hopefully Akira Yamaoka is involved.

8BitSoul3512d ago

Silent Hill just wouldn't be the same without the creepy, yet beautifully disturbing music of Akira-san! I've been a fan of the series since the first one, and I'm hoping this one goes back to the roots that made the series so popular in the first place. Homecoming was average, so I'm hoping this one will be of the same quality as the previous Silent Hill games.

hatchimatchi3512d ago

i do love homecoming though, mainly because of the sound work and the needler's. The combat is great too, you don't feel too empowered yet at the same time you don't feel completely helpless. I know most people like the desperation of the fighting in the silent hill series, but playing them now (i played through sh2 last weekend) it feels really awkward. Plus having alex be prior military does a good job of justifying his fighting skills.

back on topic though, i hear you on the series going back to it's roots. Hopefully climax captures what was so great about the first game.

Shnazzyone3512d ago

Wow! this looks like it might be a wii must have. I missed Silent Hill 1 I'm eager to play this new to everything. It looks like it's going to be a blast.

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