Why Is Microsoft Afraid To Use The 'L' Word?

ZDNet Writes:

"It took Microsoft years to finally start calling out its No. 1 competitor to Windows client - Apple - by name. (Only recently is Microsoft starting to use its pricing advantage over Apple to sell.) Is the Server team going to fall into the same rut, claiming that any mention of a competitor is worse than pretending they don't exist?

The sales "cheat sheet" does acknowledge, via a single-line mention, that " Windows Server Foundation is an alternative to running open source (Linux) software." But the primary marketing messages that Microsoft is emphasizing with its new Server product aren't Linux-focused at all, if the Battlecard is any kind of guide. Instead, Microsoft is suggesting partners emphasize that Foundation Server will be easy on IT budgets; help optimize the Web for your business; and provide "peace of mind" for those concerned about the ramifications of running pirated Windows"

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ThatCanadianGuy3490d ago

Normally i would have some smartass thing to say about this.

But im to tired.So ! I'll accept my inevitable disagree's and potential bubble loss and bid you Goodnight.

3490d ago
verb3k3490d ago

Any fool admin who uses windows shall perish.

Elven63490d ago

Windows servers definitely cost more but if they are PHP compatible you should have little problem.

Foxgod3490d ago

Linux doesnt compete, its a free OS, how can it compete ?
Linux is about offering a solution, not about competing.

I pre ordered a pandora from, it comes with Linux preinstalled.
Its not like MS lost something because the device is loaded with linux.
Because i only paid for the hardware, and not for the software.

komp3490d ago

Ballmer: Take every one of their good ideas and make it one of our good ideas

Read this

Foxgod3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Its called competition, for every solution theres an alternative.
Or would you rather be forced to choose from one brand only ?

People complain to MS for having a monopoly, but be at least glad theres multiple brands to choose from.
If linux would be the only OS in the world it surely wouldnt be free.

Question, are you angry at Pepsi for stealing the idea of Coca Cola ?

Proxy3490d ago

There is nothing that prevents me from charging for a Linux distro. I must provide the source code however.

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