Why are video games so expensive?

Tim Ingham writes

Long before they ever see the "game over" screen, Xbox, Wii and PlayStation fans have already taken a big blow - to their wallets.

The average price of console games makes them seem an exorbitant luxury in these recession-hit times, though the industry that creates these technological marvels tends to disagree.

It turns out the £50 (R680) you could splash out for a PS3 or Xbox 360 game doesn't go very far when you factor in the costs of getting the disc into your hands.

The budget required today to develop a blockbuster game can dwarf even the film industry's best.

The Oscar-magnet Slumdog Millionaire cost $14 million (R133m) to make. Last year's darling of the video games world, Grand Theft Auto IV, cost more than $100m.

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swiftshot933487d ago

but with most developers having their engines done on a current gen platform (still waiting on team Ico :/), it should be getter easier and cheaper the more time passes to create games.

neogeo3487d ago

ill never get use to paying 60 for a game. 50 is ok but 60 is nuts! games like fallout are worth it because you get tons of play time, but no way on earth im paying 60 for wanted or conan!

free2game3653487d ago

That figure is a bit misleading, something you could compare GTA4 to would be something more like The Dark Knight which cost about 150 million to make if I recall.

Microsoft Xbox 3603487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Not really expensive in book.

I spend about 80-100 bucks a week on gas. That's pretty expensive. Stupid V8.

Heldrasil3487d ago

You my V8 also......

Dogswithguns3487d ago

My heat bills are much more expensive.