Ex-Bungie Dev, Christian Allen, Confirms Killzone 2 Can Be Done On Xbox360

After working on the 360 hardware can killzone 2 be done on that platform?
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TrevorPhillips3490d ago

Its not possible to run killzone 2 on the 360 i mean think about it if tekken 6 cant run on the 360 what makes you think Killzone 2 can

s8anicslayer3490d ago

If tekken 6 couldn't run on 360 then it wouldn't be in development for it! And knowing is half the battle!

socomnick3490d ago

yea you know this cause your a dev right, oooo thats right your not , your some idiot who blogs for a crappy site yea the hip hop gamer site.

PoSTedUP3490d ago

graphically? yea, technically? NO. not enough processor power. yall are stuck playing simplistic games until the X720 : /

UnSelf3490d ago

christain allen speaks in a way sayin that "sure it can be done on x360, itll just look like a x360 version"

its almost like sayin "is Metal Gear Solid 4 possible on LBP?"

u can say "yea it is, itll just look like MGS 4 on LBP"

3490d ago
C_SoL3490d ago

Until shown visually, is when they prove me wrong.

Specs of the 360 don't prove nothing either.

Tony P3490d ago

You can run KZ2 on the Wii if you want, but there are always compromises. Can KZ2 run on the 360 w/o any compromises? I'm doubtful. The comment alone shouldn't be taken as proof.

Peekay3490d ago

just cos he wants KZ2 on the 360 doesn't mean it'll happen...The guy is obviously a 360 fan boy.."But since then I’ve fallen in love with the Xbox and 360 platform, it’s how I roll now. Except for RTS games, I pretty much play 360 exclusively"

nothing wrong with this btw - just like Kojima is a fanboy for the PS3.

oh and to all self riotous pricks - just because he owns ONLY one console does this mean he is not a TRUE gamer!?? hahahaha

Trollimite3490d ago

killzone 2 will never be on the 360 so why does it matter?

sunnygrg3490d ago

Bungie is saying that GG (not Bungie themselves) can create the game on the 360 if they wanted to. Strange, and I thought the 360 maxed out with GeoW.

He further says "The tech differences between the PS3 and the 360 aren’t all that much." Is that an official admittance from Bungie that PS3 is superior to the 360?

ITA_Mafia_Boy3490d ago

.. just do it so you can prove yourself right ! Simple as that !

Wizeguy213490d ago

How can Bungie say this, They have no idea of the code GG has made.
And two... IF this is so, then their best example of this is halo 3 and there is a big difference there compared to killzone 2.
And lastly!! HHG WTF how can you construct an article like this... just to flame!

Shepherd 2143490d ago

im pretty sure 360 gamers are stuck playing awesome games. They are technically advanced enough for me and millions more to be more than satisfied with the games for 360.

And this article is hilarious, you know, the one where every forum user here is a developer and they know more than the professional developers who are being interviewed of course

Marceles3490d ago

In other news,

"Capcom Dev Confirms Crysis Can Be Done on the Wii"

Aclay3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I don't think Killzone 2 could be done on the 360 without some major compromises first.

Even Guerrilla themselves said that without anything less than 25 Gigs (Blu-ray) it wouldn't have been possible... and that would mean that a 360 version would have to be done on multiple discs, plus many other changes.

Up until now, Gears of War has pretty much been the 360's best in terms of visuals (and probably technical aspects as well), so until I see something on the 360 that matches KZ2's graphical fidelity and technicalities, I don't believe that KZ2 can be pulled off on the 360 identical to the PS3 version.

The Xbox 360 has been out longer, but just a little over 2 years after the PS3 first came out, KZ2 is the best looking console game to date...sometimes it makes me think if something very close to KZ2 could be done on the 360, it would have already been done if it was even remotely possible because the 360 has been out for a whole year longer and devs. have had more time with it.

TheRealSpy3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

my god i hate HHGS.

there is a whole interview here and yet look at the title. all this wannabe gangster does is post articles with the intention of getting ppl fired up over nothing. it's a website run by children.

seriously...Christian Allen is a really enthusiastic, positive guy and he conducted a gamer oriented interview. one small section of the interview is this comment and that's all we're supposed to focus on??

killzone 2 is a sony game, even if it can be done on 360 (and most of us on here aren't programmers or engineers so we don't know more than the devs do so stop pretending to be experts), it will never happen. so it's a moot point. also, this guy admitted that he doesn't often work with ps3 hardware, and he never makes the claim that one system is better than the other. he is just saying he thinks, from a technical stand point, the visual quality of killzone can be achieved on 360. he might be right, he could be wrong, but it is not the point of the interview, despite what hhg wants us to believe. And this guy doesn't strike me as a fanboy. he doesn't say he dislikes ps3. in fact he says he's looking forward to seeing what games they have coming out.

which brings me to an important question, why haven't we boycotted this idiot website yet? it has no journalistic qualities, it's more like a video game tabloid.

EDIT: i just noticed there's a video at the bottom. did you guys watch it? He puts the guys from GG and Christian completely on the spot as if he's trying to start a rumble in the parking lot. I'd be embarrassed for this guy if i didn't dislike him so much. absolutely 0 professionalism. and get a damn mic when you're interviewing ppl! ...using the camera's built in mic when interviewing the guy in a public location. what a noob.

jams_shop3490d ago

Heck! The Wii is not even able to run/play a direct fee capture video(720p) of Killzone 2. j/k

Kassanova073490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Killzone 2 engine can be optimized on the PSP for facks sake. Nothing however, can touch the PS3 version on console.

Edit: Disagree all you want. Would you rather have noodles with ketchup or spaghetti with pancetta and pork infused garlic sauce topped with basil?

onijutsu3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

i would believe that killzone 2 could run on the xbox, especially considering that killzone 2 runs straight off the disc and not off the hardrive, which is namcos problem with tekken.

the problem with tekken, is that they are trying to make it a highly responsive game, so for the ps3 the ONLY advantage(in the perspective of tekken 6, not some crysis beater) that it has over the 360 is the hardrive.

For a fighting game its all about speed and a dvd9 is just not comparable to a hdd. Namco built tekken 6 with the hardrive in mind and now they are having trouble putting the effects that are reliant on the hardrive being there onto the xbox360 version, so you cannot use the arguement that the xobx360 cannot handle tekken interms of processing power, it can easily handle it, its just difficult to do so without mandatory hardrives to capitalise on.

I think the decision for microsoft to make a budget minded model that does not include a mandatory hardrive was a bad decision, sure it probably got them more sales, but at the cost of longevity of its console and consumer satisfaction, imagine little jimmy 8 years old wants to really download something but he cannot justify the purchase of a hardrive to his parents this leaves little jimmy disgruntled and unhappy, does microsoft want to make its customers happy or do they just want to cash in?

Also they are potentially missing out on sales from downloadable content due to owners who do not have a hardrive, but then again owners who bought a core system probably wouldn't find the 50$ for xbox live justifiable(or maybe they are all just uninformed customers who saw it as a bargain price for the xbox360)

Btw if my facts about xboxlive are incorrect please forgive me as i do not pay that much attention to a console that i do not own...

i was looking at the killzone 2 vs Gears of war side by side screen shots, the only differnce that i can see is the lighting, that really is the only better thing about killzone 2, i still believe that killzone 2 can be done on the xbox360, the texture resolutions look about the same so i don't think the xbox not having a bluray is a problem.

I mean killzone 2, naturally is going to be totally eclipsed graphically anyway its just how it works, so will gears of war 2 and everyother game, thats just the way it is.

Really you think gears of war 2, killzone 2, uncharted 2 or whatever looks good. You aint seen nothing yet...

But the advantage that the ps3 has in the future is really only through bluray, and the mandatory hardrive. Look at id's new game Rage; a game that has to be slightly compressed for the xbox360 version even though its still multi disc, it doesn't really affect the game, but in the future it could, especially for sandbox games where multidisc applications are just not feasable.

Hear me out, imagine what a new gta game could do with a 50gb disc(not saying that 'GTA IS TEH MOST EPIC GAME IN TEH WORLDZ', just that its a very large and detailed game), and it didn't have to worry about putting the same game on any other medium, think about that...

fanboi hater3490d ago

If I'm not mistaken I believe that this was the interview in his show where the dev stated that he had not played Killzone 2 as he did not own a playstation 3 when asked if he thought Halo 3 or KZ2 was better. I also believe that KZ2 could not run on 360 in its exact state based on what I have played on 360.

Esena3490d ago

Was this an April fools joke?

LastDance3490d ago

yea ..coz we all know how good halo looked.....

SUP3R3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

A lot of you people are pathetic and take this crap way to seriously.
Pick up a controller and stfu!

- Ghost of Sparta -3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I like your use of the word "confirms", as if it's actually true. Of course they're going to "confirm" that Killzone 2 is possible on 360, they're basically owned by Microsoft and will never develop a game on any rival system. Talk is cheap, Bungie. All of your games look horrible. Halo 3 wasn't even HD for god sakes.

DelbertGrady3490d ago

We won't know until Guerilla try to develop it for the 360. It's funny, fanboys say that the hardware is responsible for the graphics in games, while developers say that it comes down to the skill and resources of the development team.

RememberThe3573490d ago

I'm sure it's "possible" to play Killzone 2 on the 360, but you'd need multiple disks, and they probably have to seriously rework it.

Bnet3433490d ago

Wednesday 1 April 2009 11:02 pm

The article was posted in time kids ... too bad over half of you went nuts.

Sarcasm3490d ago

The day the 360 runs something like Killzone 2, is the day Hip Hop Gamer will stop using flamebait titles.

For some reason, I think the 360 will run something like Killzone 2 BEFORE HHG stops using flamebait titles lol

odisho683490d ago

like bungie has made anything as close (graphically) as killzone 2...give me a break

even if they could run the game it would be a totally watered down version...the killzone 2 engine was made by guerilla specifically for the PS3, the 360 just doesn't have the ability to run the game at a level the ps3 can

(the blu-ray advantage)

Microsoft Xbox 3603490d ago

Bungie is giving you Xbots false hope.

All you bots can do is dream for good graphics, while the PS3 gamers get to experience it in reality.

Th 360 can't even render the guns in K2. That's sad.

Eddie201013490d ago

No offence to Bunge but they haven't done anything close graphics wise, I mean Halo 3 just barely looks next gen and doesn't even come close to the best we have seen on the Xbox 360 let alone the best looking games on the PS3. Maybe there not the ones to be asking the question to begin with.

Shadow Flare3490d ago


Ryudo3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Bungie can talk quite simply because they have been making games better then KillZone 2 for years now. Anyone that thinks graphics is what makes a game is a complete and utter moron. And before you come back to that explain the Nintendo Wii's success to me.

Let me say this nice and clear Halo 3 is simply better then KillZone 2. Nintendo know all to well Gameplay means more then Graphics and Halo 3 has better Gameplay then Killzone 2.

@above idiot
If your so concerned with graphics go watch movies you r-tard real gamers play games for enjoyment. I own a PS3 I love the bloody thing Guess what my favourite game on the system is Diseaga 3. Which quite possible has the worst graphics of any standalone console game this generation.

Shadow Flare3490d ago

Wow, you're calling me a retard yet your comment has nothing to do with the article. You think bungie make better games then guerilla. Your opinion. Whatever. Its not a fact, its just your opinion. No graphics aren't necessarily what makes a game good. What my point was is that i think bungie are wrong. I don't think killzone 2 can be done on 360 because:

A) How could they know? They didn't develop killzone 2 and have never worked with the ps3

B) If killzone 2 is easily possible on 360, then why doesn't 360's biggest game, halo 3 look half as good as killzone 2?

C) Why does NO game on 360 come close to killzone 2 technically and graphically? Especially since 360 has been out 1 year longer and is easier to develop for?

It's not just graphics, its physics and lighting and 360 has nothing on the level of killzone 2. Ps3 was designed to calculate vast amounts of calculations, it is more powerful then 360. So if your gonna call me a retard, at least prove me wrong while your at it. Otherwise, put up or shut up

SL1M DADDY3490d ago

When it comes to a Sony game that was said to not be possible on the 360? I'm sorry, but I find this a bit out of the water for me to even bite. Sounds like another desperate call on MS's part to discredit the PS3 and Sony. It's sad that MS can't just admit that KZ2 is an amazing game and leave it at that. Sour grapes is so unbecoming of corporations these days.

Also, if KZ2 can be done on the 360 then why is it that Halo 3 looked dated the day it was released? Why didn't they have up to 300 light sources on the screen at a single moment? Just asking...

I liked Halo 3 just as much as the next guy but devs from MS game franchises should not open their mouths about games on the PS3 and visa-versa.

SuperM3490d ago

KZ2 in its current condition could never run on a 360 even if the code was restructured for 360 hardware. They would have to use a whole different technology and a totally different engine to make something like KZ2 on 360. And even then its not even sure if its possible or if they would simply have to compromise the quality.

Gantrfaxx3490d ago

Ex-Bungie Dev talking about X360...

prunchess3490d ago

This means that Halo 3 is possible on the PS2! (If Bungie make it?)

Sharpshell3490d ago

-I love HHGS lol! they always make people so mad, they are like the tabloids of videogames lol!

-Bungie is a great company and not exactly MS puppets if you have stayed up on the nature of the relationship. So I doubt their motives hear to some how hurt the ps3

-What are you people talking about with Tekken 6?? IT is comming to 360 no prob right? Can someone clarify for me?

P.S. I beleive that the KZ engine is made pretty specifically for the ps3, but thats not to say it *couldn't* be done, but how exactly I'm not sure...

Bad_Karma3490d ago

Hmm if this is true then why did`nt Bungie make Halo 3 look as good as Killzone 2 ?

Re-versed3490d ago

U delivered with comment...This is the truth!!!
Bubbles f u...

raztad3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Well Bungie work on Halo 3 graph is not that great. Come on, being the xbox360 a much easier console to work for why it comes Halo couldn't get better visuals. But then you have Crytek engine, IMO KZ2 looks way better that the city parts of the Crytek engine demo, while it keeps a solid framerate and an awful amount of things going on at the same time. But Crytek engine demo was very impressive nonetheless, and it is pretty clear that Cryengine3 >> UE3 so I expect better looking games than Gears on the xbox360. I dont know when but Im almost sure that those future better looking games wont come from Bungie. Question is will they be graphically as good as KZ2? Not sure about it.

blackpanther253490d ago

people need to stop this oh you don't know more than a professional.

Let me give you an example i felt something wrong with my body and because i major in biology i deduced that it was an pelvic hernia (a protruding organ in the body). I went to my personal doctor and he told me it was a cyst (fluid sac in the body). I went to get a sonogram and they also told me it was a cyst. I didn't believe them so i went to a urologist and he told me that it is a 100% pelvic hernia. At the end of the day i was right not the two "professionals" i went to see at first.

People make mistakes and they do not always know everything about their field. He maybe right or wrong just like the people commenting on his statement.

All-33490d ago


However.. since agentX is likey referring to THIS --> "It is a challenge to fit this game onto one DVD and to make sure the data is read at a fast rate," Katsuhiro Harada admitted. "It is essential to utilize the 360’s functions and strengths to the fullest in order to accomplish the same goal. I believe that the data and experience gained during development may affect development of the next iteration of the console." ---> WHERE does it say ANYWHERE in those comments - that Tekken 6 --> CAN'T RUN <-- on the Xbox 360?

Please show me and everyone --> WHERE <-- it says that.

IdleLeeSiuLung3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Of course I'm going to take all your Sony fanboys statement over a developer whom was part of the team that made Halo 3!!! /sarcasm

Xbox 360 got Gears 2, which looks amazing on just Unreal's multi-platform engine. Imagine what 3-4 years of building and tweaking a new game engine would do for a 360. Why shouldn't it be possible on the 360?

It is amazing how all sorts of clue-less people come from the woodwork making stupid comments.

kewlkat0073490d ago

We will never know...we all can only make assumptions.

Unless somebody would go "multiplatform"(GG) and don't resort to 1st-party/2nd-party PR, about the abilities of the console they develop for and the Hand that feeds them.

pain777pas3490d ago

The Cryengine runs better on the PS3 for a reason. Processing power is superior on the PS3 to the 360. They could look the same but not run well and the 360 is tapping out. Gears should run without a hitch and certainly does not and I'm talking the first let alone the second. No problems with Killzone running on the PS3.

Aquanox3490d ago

Tekken 6 was originally developed for an Arcade machine with a very similar architecture to that on the Playstation 3. In theory, the PS3 should have the upper hand here. However, there's a very recent example that knocks this assumption out: Street Fighter IV. Developed under the exact same circumstances (Arcade first, with deep PS3 similatiries) and then ported to consoles. In the end, the Xbox 360 resulted being slightly better looking being the most obvious the presence of Antialiasing (which the PS3 version lacked)

So, if NAMCO proves being as talented developer as CAPCOM, then similar results should be seen.

The Lazy One3490d ago

Where did anyone say the engine as a whole ran better on the PS3? It most definitely runs best on a PC, and the developers said each platform performs better in certain areas:

"The CE3 runs currently at more or less the same quality bar. I say more or less because the engine still optimizes itself to power of the platforms' intrinsics. So the PS3 will run slightly better here, it'll look and feel probably the same, but the engine is diverting computation needs to power subsystems available to the PS3, and the 360 differently, and PC differently."

jBat173490d ago

so developers are just learning how to use it.. at this point, it may take 2 to 3 years before we can see a game using this engine.. the thing is the 360 will be discontinued by then..

of course, the next xbox can top killzone 2 graphcis easily.. but right now until 2010, xbox fans are stuck playing inferior graphics a their console..

and oh yeah, there are no games for the xbox until the next-gen.. xbox 360 = the wrong choice

Trollimite3490d ago

i dont see how your avatar is legal. lol

N4Sony3490d ago

he's jealous and still holds Master Chief close to his heart.

That said, I just traded in Killzone 2 but still own Halo 3. While Killzone 2 probably cannot be done on 360, Halo 3 is the better game by far!

FlameBaitGod3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

This is coming from the ex employee of the company who did Halo 3 on a res of 640p ? and it doesn't even come close to the same graphics as Gears ?

I_am_rushin3490d ago

Two words. DISC SPACE.

I remember reading each level in Killzone 2 takes up about 2gb of space.

IcarusOne3490d ago

But it's fun to watch the PS3 cult whip itself up over this.

rayjelic3490d ago

As you can see it say Ex Bungie developer.

He just needs a job.


CaseyRyback_CPO3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Well if you cant play amazing games, at least you can pretend you might be able to in a few years.

Funny how absolutely no developer/media praises the Unreal Engine's Gears2 as any sort of graphical juggernaut for the 360. Which leaves only the fanbase pretending its as capable as Uncharted/KZ2. No developer mentions any games as examples of how the 360 can keep up with the ps3 just talk talk talk.

Shepherd 2143490d ago

Killzone 2 engine can be optimized on the PSP for facks sake. Nothing however, can touch the PS3 version on console.

Edit: Disagree all you want. Would you rather have noodles with ketchup or spaghetti with pancetta and pork infused garlic sauce topped with basil?"

^^^^Im pretty sure id rather not be a fat guy, thanks anyways.

popup3490d ago

It does not matter. Anyone can play Killzone 2 (if they have a PS3) and anyone can play Halo 3 (if they have a 360).

Could someone make an Xbox 360 into a coffee maker? Yep.

CDzNutts3490d ago

Clealy you didn't get the memo. Tekken 6 was announced for 360 a WHILE ago.


now why is it that we dont see "halo can run on ps3" articles?

oh yeah, NOONE CARES ABOUT MS EXCLUSIVES....meaning: ps3 is where the next gen games are at

NIGHT_HAWK32103490d ago



fusionboxer3490d ago

But then again it wouldn't be the same game. Ted Price was quoted saying that Resistance 1 could have easily been done on the ps2, but it would have been a totally different game.

Nothing to really discuss here so why bother. Yes killzone2 could have been done on the 360, but no it wouldn't be the killzone 2 we all know and love (or hate).

Immortal Kaim3490d ago

What a bunch of whining morons, HHG is playing you all for a fool. I regret commenting in this pathetic 'article' but it had to be said.

We could put a stop to this ridiculous 'journalism' (I use the term very loosely), if we didn't click on the link and comment in the article... but no... you would rather have a "my e-penis is bigger than yours contest" for him to generate hits.

Don't complain anymore about his articles, cause you only have yourself to blame.

P.S I'm not commenting in anymore of these sh*tty articles.

P.P.S HHG broke the rules Mods, how bout you look into it. He used a headline on N4G that wasn't officially his headline in the article, then changed it when he had generated enough heat. Pathetic.

MNicholas3490d ago

on a Wii. Obviously there'll be some downgrades due to the 360's tiny 10MB EDRAM framebuffer (Killzone 2 uses a massive 40MB framebuffer), weak CPU, poor CPU bandwidth, among other issues that will require a near complete rewrite of the engine.

Like GT5: Prologue, Killzone 2 is, quite simply, performing at a vastly higher level of performance than any 360 game.