Modern Warfare 2 Latest Leaks.

From The Site. : Today a regular member at our site CriousGamer mailed me this news which seems to be the latest rumored leaks, I think these details might be right because everything listed below can easily be expected from the 'Infinity Wards' upcoming 'Modern Warfare 2' sequel to the smash hit 2007 title 'Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'.

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Sk8boyP3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

owned. But it's still April 1st, so it's partial owned.

socomnick3491d ago

heh its an april fools joke, I do wish they were right about the 20 new weapons though, that would be awesome all the original guns + 20 new ones.

y0haN3491d ago

"8. A new Alien Terrorist co-op mode is also added with details still unknown."

April Fools can't end fast enough ._.

Rockwallaby3491d ago

who's rectum was this pulled from?

-Mezzo-3491d ago

It's not comfirmed that only PS3 will have dedicated servers. 360 might also have them. but for me as a PS3 user,lover this is a great news.

KR3W6193491d ago

I am 101% sure that these are fake

Marcelles253491d ago

360 doesn't have dedicated servers for its games
it dedicated servers for cross-game chat/ party system lol

geth1gh3491d ago

jesus christ, i am god damn tired of april fools day, its so ridiculous that it caries over to such a reputable site like n4g.

and you guys are idiots if you thought this was true and that the 360 wouldn't have a dedicated server. thats what we pay for. never has there been a game in 360 history that didn't have a dedicated server.

MainstreamGamer3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

you're joking right? You do realize that xbox live utilize p2p technology for its games and not dedicated servers. PSN uses the same thing for most 3rd party games, but a few sony first party games uses dedicated servers.

cyberwaffles3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

halo 3, the biggest 360 game the console has, uses P2P connection. i cant believe you think every 360 game uses dedicated servers. hell, most games dont. and FYI, cod4 also used P2P connection. i really dont understand why u think its worth the money to use the xbl service when ps3 gets it free. also, this article is bs.

SpitFireAce853491d ago

10 players multiplayer shiity online.If you want dedicated servers
go check KZ2 32MP no lag what so ever.Or better yet Resistance 2
60MP no lag for free. Knowing what your talking about priceless.

geth1gh3491d ago

nope, you guys are completely wrong.

Sarcasm3491d ago

I don't know who's more clueless, the engineers who designed the 360's hardware or this guy who thinks 360 games have dedicated servers.

cLiCK_sLiCK93491d ago

Please explain or shut up.

DominusRebellis3490d ago

watch your foul-mouth and use appropriate language

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DirtyLary3491d ago

I'll play along.

Wow dedicated servers.

huge news if true.

Same goodbye host lag switchers.

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The story is too old to be commented.