Toshiba Rejects Blu-ray's Victory Claims

Toshiba has rejected claims made yesterday at a Blu-ray press conference at CeBIT that its own HD DVD format is failing. Olivier Van Wynendaele, Deputy General manager of HD DVD at Toshiba Ltd said the claims were "propaganda" and then proceeded to dispute them point by point in a call to

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kewlkat0075253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

And to think PS3 fanatics thinking this format war is over, I think it's just beginning..Toshiba sounds serious about this price competition.

OldSchoolGamer5252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

Blu-ray stand alone players aren't being bought, the PS3 is. HD-DVD because it doesn't exist in a game system as mandatory is being bought by movie enthuists for the pure purpose of watching movies (not gaming). These numbers, like any others, can be twisted with deals, promotions, and simply twisted to show whatever you want (I can use statistics to show how video games lead to drug usage lol). This war will go on for quite some time, and I will stick to DVD's until their is a side admitting defeat.

PS if you wish to show me attachment rates, please find a real source, and not a single website's sales rates, we can all make Amazon graphs, lol I own over 200 DVD's and not a single one did I buy through Amazon. Tell me please, how many of you truely get all your entertainment needs through Amazon?

ReconHope5252d ago

can't say i wasn't expecting that

XxZxX5252d ago Blu-rays to HD-DVD sales proof otherwise but then again it's just amazon. Can't say that trend represent the whole US Blu-ray vs HD-DVD sales.

Ludwig5252d ago

Who does buy "online" stuff? .. Rich people who have a PC and know well how to use it.

I believe it doesn't speaks for the huge masses who actualy matter. And until now, most of this masses don't even "know" what HD-DVD or Blu-Ray is.....

Sony runs, sell a couple more for the early adopters and claim victory? its like saying you won a race because in the 1st 5 laps you was ahead .. when the race has 500 laps o_O

timmyp535252d ago

of course the manager that makes hddvd would say that....

eques judicii5252d ago

just like of course the president of the bluray association would say that bluray has already won. both are spinning facts. Time will tell which one really wins.

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The story is too old to be commented.