Comparing Heat Output of the Different PS3 Models

PlayStation Insider's Robin Segitz uses a FLIR camera to do direct comparisons in heat output between the 60GB and 40GB PS3's. The results are quite interesting...

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Blaze9293486d ago

Always wondered about something like this. The images inside are pretty cool and this was a very good read.

SaiyanFury3485d ago

My original PS3 gets warm no doubt, it's a 60GB model, but I'm not worried about it overheating. I have a small 9" metal blade fan blowing on it on minimum and it dissipates the warm air around the system quite well. The same fan that I use on my original model 360 that has never overheated on me and has never given me an RROD. Blowing out the warm air and reducing the ambient temps around the systems is a good way to make sure your systems have access to cooler air to reduce the intake air temperature. Just common sense.

Real Gambler3485d ago

Any well designed electronic appliance will evacuate any heat by itself. And sure enough, common sense will tell you that you should not lock your equipment in a cabinet with no air circulation.

Dang, I hate the fact that people buy a $200 to $500 console, and run to the next store to buy a fan!!! Are you also buying a external fan for your amplifier, your hdtv, your dvd player, your pc, your pvr, etc, etc?????? C'mon, the original 360 design was bad. They have added a heatsink first, then another heatsink, and now reduced the die. Thanks to them though, now everybody has a fan fetish. I think I will start my own fan company. You have a gaming rig? I have a fan for it. Heck, I think I could even sell a fan for your cell phone, or your mp3 player.

C'mon people, you don't need an external fan if an appliance is well designed. Just don't lock them in a very tight place. Their job is to get the heat out, your job is simply to make sure you have normal air circulation around your appliances.

SaiyanFury3485d ago

I didn't HAVE to buy a fan, my PS3 vents just fine, but considering that my wall unit is somewhat closed in, there's not a lot of room to vent around the system so I simply have the small fan to increase the rate of air exchange around it. And I didn't run to the store, me and my wife have had the fan for ages, I just found a productive use for it. And if it increases the life of my systems, then so much the better.

fr0sty3486d ago

Many thanks to PSI's Robin Segitz for putting this one together. I can't wait to see what he's able to come up with next time he busts out the FLIR camera!

CarlosX3603486d ago

Just when you thought a camera of that magnitude is "worthless" someone comes along with a creative outlook. That dude's a keeper, frosty. :)

butterfinger3486d ago

because my backwards compatible 80GB (upgraded to 250GB) model gets pretty hot.

Blaze9293486d ago

the different drives definitely play a part on the heat factor which is why its recommended to stay at 5400RPM. I wonder how a 7200RPM HDD would've contributed in this.

No FanS Land3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Is it the Motortsorm or MGS4 bundle?

EDIT: the Motorstorm bundle uses 90nm/90nm config. while the MGS4 uses 65nm/90nm (Cell and RSX respectively).

TheWretched3485d ago

I used a launch 60GB PS3 and a GT5P bundle 40GB!

fr0sty3485d ago

^the man himself. many thanks for the awesome article, can't wait to see what you whip up next time!

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fr0sty3486d ago

The 80GB's use the 65nm chips as well IIRC.

Ahmay3486d ago

my friend's 60gig heats up alot on that upper back... my 40 gig doesn't.

i only vertical stand my ps3. it gives it more room to breathe. air can circulate around much better.

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