Deus Ex MMO: Eidos Montreal Partners With CCP

Eidos Montreal and CCP (Iceland based developers of Eve Online) have been in talks for a long time. Why didn't anyone hear about this until now?

Apparently, CCP approached Eidos expressing a desire to create an MMO set in Deus Ex universe. Deus Ex has a very rich world and the RPG elements are already there. What CCP wants to do is to realize this world in a massive way.

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Dark General3485d ago

This better not be a April Fools joke because it actually sounds like a really good idea. I just hope they pull it off good enough. But before i get too ahead of myself i just want to see Deus Ex 3 come out already.

OrganicMachine3485d ago

true that man.. I only played the First one and skipped the second one but hopefully they do justice to the franchise with Deus Ex 3..

Dark General3485d ago

Same here i played and absolutely loved the first Deus Ex. I skipped out on the second one though. Hopefully this 3rd one ends up close to the original.