Game Positive: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

Wanted: Weapons of Fate tries hard to let you experience the same thrills as last year's film, but in the end, falls short of its own ambitions. While special abilities such as bending bullets, assassin time, and effortless movement to and from cover provide a great rush, they cannot overshadow the otherwise mediocre gunplay. Forgettable graphics and awful sound adversely affect the overall mood of the game as well. Even worse, value may be the greatest shortcoming in this somewhat misguided shooter. The main story can be completed in less than six hours. The game can be played again on a higher difficulty or with alternate characters, but there's little reason to do so. Wanted is not such a bad game that fans of the film should avoid it completely, but as a third-person shooter, there are countless titles that are far more worthwhile.

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