Reggie is a Mother 3 fan, would like to see it localized

Mother 3 has one of the strongest cult followings, yet the game has not been released in North America. It's surprising to hear that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime is actually a fan of the title. Unfortunately, Mother 3 is not in NOA's current lineup, even though Reggie has discussed the product with Satoru Iwata.

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koehler833512d ago

unfortunately their lack of initiative lead to it being translated better than Nintendo of America ever would have.

Xander-RKoS3512d ago

Maybe that was the "economic sense" he was talking about. It was going to be translated and distributed for free (Illegally, but...whatever), before they could asses the market to see when it if it would sell or not. So the question became: "Why bother?" and it has become: "Why should we still bother?" kinda like why Fire Emblem 6, the one that actually had character from Melee, wasn't ported over, since FE has a pretty big fanbase as well. (The face that Shadow Dragon came out brings hope that a revamped FE6 can still come out for the DS).

Like Reggie said, they run a business and it didn't seem like a lack of initiative, Reggie did ask Mr. Iwata to consider it, and I'm sure it went along the lines of "Will it sell? Especially with a translated version in the process/ floating around the internet for free?".

DNAgent3512d ago

I liked Earthbound (which I guess was Mother 2 in Japan) but I hated Mother 3. It just didn't have the same charm as Earthbound.

TheColbertinator3512d ago

The Mother series is a rarely discussed gem.I wish all RPG gamers could play it

JD_Shadow3512d ago

...they'll see how profitable the Mother series actually is here. It's rated by the ESRB and was for months now. I don't know what they are waiting on.

Then again, seeing this, they might just be taking their grand old time. They don't know how big of a treasure mine they are sitting on right now.