Video Racing Games Linked to Risky Road Behavior

People who play crash-and-bang car-racing video and computer games may be more aggressive, risky drivers in the real world, new research suggests.

A series of studies found a consistent relationship between dangerous driving in the virtual world of video screens and aggressive feelings and actions behind the real wheel, German psychologists report.

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macr0ss4625d ago

Its mostly movies that do it to me. After I watch Gone in 60 seconds I always want to go out and drive fast and do stupid crap. Of course thats not saying much since I do this anyways, the movies and games just put me more in the mood I guess.

urpabo4625d ago

I would love to see if this original study is age-ajusted. Coorelations between risky driving and young drivers are firmly established. If the university tested 150 22-year-olds you would expect the risk taking behavior to be higher.