FF: AC Complete and FFXIII demo Japanese TV spot

Square Enix has released a new Japanese television ad for the upcoming release of the Cloud Black Final Fantasy VII Advent Children PS3 bundle.

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Blackcanary3487d ago

your so right. Nice advert i liked the music that was playing XIII as well sounded like something u would hear in FF 7.

StephanieBBB3487d ago


If they really cared about thier fans they would release the FFXIII demo on PSN and Xbox live. If more developers start acting like this then the game industry will become a h3ll of alot worse for us gamers.

Violater3487d ago


Has 360 development even begun?

Shadow Flare3487d ago

The guy who speaks over that advert sounds alot like the guy who does the japanese voice for cloud. I'm pretty sure it's the same guy. And even though i can't understand a word he's saying, i think he sounds EXACTLY how Cloud should sound. Whats more, in real life if's also a huge fan of the game. As for the american voice for Cloud, useless. Cringe worthily useless. Japanese voice overs ftw

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King-Nax3487d ago

I love how they repeately say 'Playstation 3'.
Good advert.

Baka-akaB3487d ago

but why would a japanese spot bother telling you it's elsewhere on a console they dont care about , and in places they wouldnt care about neither ?

Dragun6193487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I liked this trailer better

Final Fantasy VII: AC Complete
Japanese Ruins of Midgar Trailer HD

Even makes it feel like your buying the complete version as in end of the trailer it shows off what other special features it will include.
Though i hope it will include FF7 The Last Order ova as i have yet to watch it.

Yea, its bit too long for it to be an advert but its a good trailer that you can show in the movie theaters or somethin.

Blackcanary3487d ago

That was good but a bit to long don't u think for an advert.

Jpinter3487d ago

All Square Enix and Sony would need to do is remake FFVII and release it in a bundle with the PS3 and the console war would be over. I don't understand why it hasnt been done yet.

Seems like all publishers care about now days is money, so why not cash in on this?

ThanatosDMC3487d ago

Meh, im not really into FF7... I played FF8 first... so downgrading from that stand point was impossible for me.

Baka-akaB3487d ago

wow must be the first time i hear ff8 was a upgrade to ff7 . joking , i understand you mostly meant on a technical level (wich then obviously would be true) ... but still ff8 , weither you like it or hate it like i do , is definitely an inferior game , compared to ff7 .

TruthBTold3487d ago

Improve the visuals and sounds which will keep gamers happy by being able to download it from PSN while they work on a FFVII Next Gen like SFIV did. Either way I would be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.