30 Games You Must Play Before You Die

Sinan Kubba and the TGR staff have compiled a list of 30 games that no gamer should go a lifetime without playing.

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cain1413485d ago

Oblivion is amazing... I've played through that like 3 times by now...

Pootie Tang3485d ago

Loved Oblivion but that leveling system still gets to me

s8anicslayer3485d ago

I can't argue with that list, so being that if I died tommarrow I can die a happy man because I played most of those games.

jadenkorri3485d ago

cmon, at the very lease FF7, or FF6 should of been there...FFX blowed, it was a decent FF but not one you should play before you die...

Microsoft Xbox 3603485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Oblivion is the most overrated game ever. Just bought that game two months ago to see what the fuss was about. The game is straight up boring. Good thing I got it for 17 bucks and to be honest, it still isn't worth that much. Recently bought Fallout 3 too but I haven't opened it. I have a feeling I'm going to be just as disappointed.

kcdude3485d ago

Most RPG's always start out a little slow. You need to give them some time and effort, level up your character. Once you are a higher level, the fun truly begins. I'm sorry you do not like Oblivion all that much, but I think you might enjoy Fallout 3...

TheDude2dot03485d ago

Fallout 3 = Oblivion x 10000

Fallout 2 = Fallout 3 x 100

Fallout 1 = Oblivion x 10

zagibu3484d ago

If I've counted right, you're basically saying that Fallout 2 is 100'000 times better than Fallout 1, which is wrong. Both are orders of magnitude better than Oblivion, but 2 is only maybe 1 order of magnitude better than 1...

TheDude2dot03484d ago

Nah dude that was a mistake. I meant to say Fallout 1 = Fallout 3 x 10

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SirLarr3485d ago

Crap, does playing everything on that list mean I'm already due for my end?

cain1413485d ago

considering how many of those are recent you should be fine...

SlamVanderhuge3485d ago

The lack of Silent Hill 2 is drilling a hole into my skull.

Great list otherwise...

Ocelot39973485d ago

Silent Hill 2 is an acquired taste. I wouldn't recommend it to someone or put it on a list like this since it's so love-it-or-hate-it.

Mr.Mister3485d ago

well its it the top 30 game BEFORE YOU DIE meaning that this game hold so much awesomeness that some people heart cant resist......

cain1413485d ago

So I'm going to lose all my bubbles for this, but I really did love Halo...

And why are most these games post 2000?

shoinan3485d ago

That and it's not the top 30 retro games of all time.

cain1413485d ago


It's 30 games to play before you die. I'd say there's a good chuck of older games missing that have had more impact on gaming as a whole that the many of the more recent ones.

Depends on what your looking for it a game though. Graphics, gameplay, story, etc...

Ocelot39973485d ago

I think you're wrong about that Shoinan. 3D GAMES have gotten better, but not games in general. 2D-Radiant-Silvergun-style titles hit their peak long ago on the Genesis and Saturn.

Not to mention the awesome fun that were the Side-Scrolling beat em ups.

RPGs too. I don't think there's much debate that the middle Final Fantasy games (4,5,6, and 7) are the best in the series.

In the end, without going into specific games, I think I agree that this list has way too much of a modern lean.

cain1413485d ago

To be fair you can't really narrow this many years of gaming into 30 games so for trying to do that they did pick some good choices...

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Trey4Lyfe3485d ago

play it now, thank me later ;)

iHEARTboobs3485d ago

The game is great, everyone needs to play it! Loved the sniper duel with The End.

ElementX3485d ago

Am I the only one who thinks of the inappropriate sound of that title?

Cheeseknight283485d ago

You should listen to the Snake Eater song from it. It honestly sounds like music you would play while having sex.

dragunrising3485d ago

I bought the Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection before MGS4. The only one I haven't played through was MGS: Snake Eater :-( I will definitely play it and soon.

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